Thursday, December 23, 2010


That's what Caroline's temp was after she got home from school.  She woke up super early this morning with a hacking cough that came out of nowhere that the Delsym really didn't seem to help much.  (Usually it does.)  She said she didn't eat much of her lunch because she wasn't feeling well.  But when I got to school and got to sit in on the tail end of gym class, she looked fine for all the parachute fun.  And then she seemed fine and enjoyed the magic show the first grade teachers planned (instead of a Christmas party - the kids LOVED it!).  But when we got home, she ended up laying in the chair without the TV even on and when I kissed her forehead, I knew.  I quickly gave her ibuprofen so who knows if I was catching it early or if that's as high as it would go.

So we'll see.  All 3 kids and I had the flu shot/mist so if it's the flu, it's not one of those lovely strains featured in this season's inoculation.  Boo.  I'm thinking not the flu though since I think she'd be feeling worse by now.  Poor kid.  Now to wait and see if it spreads.  Bryce has a knack for picking up any kind of bug that involves coughing.  I swear we just got over one!

Tomorrow is our first busy holiday day with Christmas Eve at my IL's starting by noon.  I really hope she's feeling okay - being a kid and sick on Christmas is miserable!


Heather said...

oh no. no sickies on christmas.

BJ said...

My fingers are crossed. For a good night sleep and a healthy Caroline in the morning. I agree, a sick kid on Christmas is no good.