Friday, November 12, 2010


I should have photos to document this, but at the same time I don't want to glorify what they are doing in ANY way.  It seems that Bryce and Piper have turned into our household vandals.  Let's deal with them both individually, shall we?

First up Bryce!  Bryce's recent vandalism has made me particularly angry because clearly, at 5 years old, he KNOWS what he's doing is against the rules.  I have no idea what sparked it but all of a sudden we're finding random "B"s around the house - on walls, on furniture, on Caroline's CD player.....  Most of the time they are in pencil and can be rubbed right off, but he's chosen a pen a few times and that takes Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Each time, he's had to clean it off as I want him to know the consequence.  I am thinking that there is some correlation between Bryce's recently improving handwriting and confidence in writing.  I'm proud of his fine motor skills improving, but seriously!?!?!  And then, best of all, when we find a new "B" he'll blame it on Piper.  Um, do you think we're stupid?  Of all people to blame it on.  I'm thinking that all the "B"s we've found were from a few weeks ago and haven't been ones that he's done since us finding them and confronting the situation.  I also have a suspicion that he is the one responsible for tracing Caroline's electric socket and windowsill with a pencil as well.

And then there's Piper.  At least Piper is 2 and has less self control that I can blame her vandalism on.  Her worst vandalism act was the playroom wall a few weeks ago with mostly pencil and washable marker.  Of course she cleaned it up herself.  "Me wash! Me wash!" is what she kept saying as she cleaned it.  And now we randomly find things scribbled upon that are clearly her doing.

The problem with both my vandals is that I'd like to just take all writing/drawing items away from them, but that's very hard given we have a first grader in the house who needs those items on a regular basis (and who likes to draw/ write in her free time).  And why should I take them away from Caroline's easy reach when she clearly knows NOT to draw on walls and furniture?  That's actually where Bryce and Piper get most of their criminal supplies - Caroline's room.  Even keeping them in a drawer or on a higher shelf is no match for the vandals (and let's not forget the fun of scissors too!)  Caroline's room is the hangout room on the 2nd floor and has been the scene of many a vandalism.  I know it makes Caroline crazy too but other than locking her door from the inside and having to unlock it for her every time she wants to go in her room, I'm not sure what else there is to do.  Piper goes into Caroline's room all the time and gets into stuff.  It's an issue we didn't have when Bryce was this age because Caroline wasn't much older than him.  Having siblings 4 1/2 and 3 years older than you is tough because all their toys are so much cooler than yours!  To say Piper is into everything is an understatement.  I feel a little bad for Caroline too because of how much they rough up her room, but at the same time she invites them in as much as she wants them out so I think some days, they don't know if they are coming or going.

I know this will pass with time and as we continue to be consistent with our anti-vandalism policies, this will stop as well.  I just wish I could install limited entry device on Caroline's door in the meantime!


Laura said...

Could you get some kind of lock box for Caroline's markers/crayons/scissors, etc.? She might think it's kind of exciting to have a key or a secret combination. Of course, the concern would be that she forgets the key or combination, but then Daddy gets to have some fun with the power tools! :-)

Heather said...

Could you put this on the outside of her doorknob? She could probably use it being older---

Erika said...

Bryce can use those, unfortunately. Crafty kid. And I don't think I can find a lockable box big enough to contain all of her art supplies. Plus it's not just her art supplies that are a problem either - Piper gets into Caroline's jewelry too. 2 year old menace!