Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was great this year!  (Not that it's ever been bad....)  But I can honestly say that the meal we had at my mom's was THE best Thanksgiving meal I've ever had.   Seriously, mom, clone it for the years to come!!  She brined the turkey beforehand so it had so much flavor (and so did the drippings that made the gravy).  Williamsburg style sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, sauteed Brussels sprouts, my cheddar/jalapeno stuffing, fresh (wonderful) salad, to name a few.....mmm!

We had a light lunch of butternut squash soup, dips, and veggies around noon and didn't eat dinner until sometime after 5pm - which I really liked.  While the cooking kicked into high gear, the kids and I worked on some foam Christmas house projects.  They were mildly interested, but it gave them something to do for a bit.  I even got Piper to take a nap on my mom's bed in the middle of the afternoon! 

Sometime after 4pm, all the good stuff went into the ovens and my grandmother and dad started carving up the turkey.  Piper was very interested in the whole process.

The table was busting with food as we all started circling the table waiting for the instruction that we could finally sit down:

Piper was also very into Lola, my sister's dog, too.  She spent a lot of time playing with Lola and trying to cuddle with her.  Thankfully, Lola is very tolerant of children and let Piper have plenty of hugs and snuggles. 

It was nice being at my mom's with the rest of my family and the kids clearly enjoyed having so many people around to entertain them.  Kevin and Kelly are always a highlight:

The napkin rings were a big hit and were put to good use too!

And then the next day, we took advantage of the fact that Jason and I were both off and got all the interior Christmas decorations up along with the main Christmas tree and 3 little trees for each of the kids' rooms.  (They love having one in their room just like I did as a kid!) 

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Lauren said...

Sounds like a great holiday! It's nice to hear that another family serves sauerkraut at Thanksgiving! It's been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember- and Greg thinks it's the weirdest thing and doesn't understand why we serve it. We just always have!

I LOVE the napkin rings. I'm looking on that website to get some ideas for things my students can make and take home this month.