Wednesday, November 03, 2010

RIP Daisy

My mother in law, at one time, had 4 cats.  She got 2 when Jason was in college and then 2 more a year or so later.  The younger 2, Scout and Daisy, haven't fared as well health wise as the older two, Emmy and Cleo.  Scout was put to sleep sometime last year after a lot of health issues and on Monday, poor Daisy, was put to sleep too.

I feel bad for my MIL because I know how much she loves those cats even though she's said that once they're all gone she's not getting anymore.  But apparently Daisy, who has probably caused her the most problems over the years, is being especially missed since she was the cat who met her every morning and kind of stayed by her side in the mornings.  Sandy called her "Daisy Doodle."

Anyway, Jason and I didn't know that they had put Daisy to sleep on Monday so it came as a surprise yesterday at dinner when Caroline and Bryce piped up at once, "Daisy died!"   Jay and I exchanged looks right away to see if the other one knew, but we didn't, although given her health issues lately, we weren't that surprised.  However, the saddest moment in all this came as the older kids were talking about Daisy and how much Nana would miss her.  I looked over at Piper who was sitting in her chair - she had this very sad look on her face, her lip was stuck out and she said, "Doodle die.  Doodle die."

It nearly broke my heart!   Piper had only recently become more aware of Nana's cats and really liked "Doodle" for some reason.

We talked about how even though we're sad Daisy is dead, we're glad she's not suffering anymore, plus Nana and Big Dad have a lot of good memories of her.  The kids agreed.  I'm already worrying though about when Cleo is no longer because she is the cat that Caroline loves.  (Emmy has scratched her a few times and hisses at her because Caroline has kind of cornered her or not been so nice.)  But Cleo, well, Cleo is the one that Caroline adores and used to pet with her face.  She's the reason Caroline showed up to meet Piper for the first time with a rash on her face - she just couldn't keep her hands off of Cleo.

Such is life though with pets - they aren't with us as long as we'd like.

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