Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proud of My First Grader

I don't have much bloggy time but I didn't want to let this get away from me.  Jason and I had our first quarter conference with Ms. B yesterday (first graders in our county don't get a report card the first quarter) and it went very well!  Caroline is doing so well in first grade!  Not that we didn't expect to hear she was doing well, but it feels so good to hear it from the actual teacher.  She's "consistently demonstrating" in a majority of the areas, especially reading.  And she's "progressing" in the areas where they are just starting.  She even said she has nice handwriting!  (This is funny to me since I always was told I had bad handwriting in elementary school.)  Two months ago she was reading at a 2nd grade level, which tells me who knows what her level is now because since then she has snowballed in her reading abilities. 

But in addition to her academics, I was very proud to hear that Caroline is respectful of rules and engages well in the classroom.  My heart was especially warmed by Ms. B's story about how much Caroline helps her classmate, A., who has some special needs.  A is of average intelligence but I think he's had some kind of brain trauma as you can see the scar on his head and it affects the way he walks and moves at times.  He is such a sweet kid and even though A. has an assistant, Caroline helps him to pack up his backpack and just kind of looks after him.  Caroline sits next to him and the times I've been in class with her, I've seen her giving him the nicest smiles.  It does a mother's heart good to see her child being so compassionate and helpful toward others.

Mine and Jason's only concern was Caroline's fidgetyness.  I remember being concerned in kindergarten but that isn't as big an issue given that they are up and down often, but you have to sit a lot more in the first grade.  And since we were in her class all morning yesterday for American Education Week, we got to see it first hand.  However, we both noticed that even though she cannot sit still and keep her feet in front of her chair, it doesn't affect her learning or any other kids.  (At one point, Ms. B dictated a fairly long sentence to them to write in their journals to practice writing and sounding out words, and Caroline, fidgety and all, had no problems figuring it out.) So when we brought it up to Ms. B, it was nice to hear that, yes, she had noticed it, but that she also was not concerned.  She said she'll give her gentle reminders to sit flat or still but as long as she continues on the same path, she's not worried.  Apparently, Jason said he had the same exact issue when he was a kid, so I guess she comes by it naturally.  It's no wonder we feel like broken records at home, especially at meal time when it comes to trying to get her to sit still at the table. 

We are very proud of Caroline and I can't wait to go to the Honor Roll breakfast next Wednesday morning to mark the occasion at her school.   I'm so happy that she enjoys school so much and is such a curious and active learner!  But mostly, I'm just proud of the person that she is.

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Laura said...

What a great report! Kudos to you and Jason for raising such a bright, curious little girl! And I liked the story about how C is helping her classmate - so sweet.