Sunday, November 21, 2010

Piper's Best Week Ever

Well, I don't know if it was truly her best week ever, but I just like that title after that old show in VH1 that I used to like so much.  But she did have an exciting week.

1.  On Thursday, Piper had her semi-annual dental checkup.  This was only her second visit since the first one was as a result of her breaking her tooth back in May.  At that visit, since she was under 2, they just did a quick check without any tools or anything, but this time they did an actual visit.  Piper was the perfect patient.  She got in the chair without problems.  She laid back and let the hygienist check and brush her teeth without issue.  And she let the dentist take her look too.  In fact, she was doing so well that the dentist suggested we try and get an x-ray of her broken tooth just to see what was going on under the surface.  She normally wouldn't have even attempted it but thought Piper seemed like she might tolerate it - and she did!  I couldn't believe how she followed directions, sat still under the lead apron, and bit the dental film.  I was so very proud!  She earned herself a princess crown and a bunch of stickers.  Granted, this is a great pediatric dental office and they are good with kids, but I'm still very proud of how well my 2 year old did!

2.  On Friday evening, neither Jason nor I were very hungry for dinner (he'd had a big lunch and I was under the influence of Sudafed for my cold and had no appetite).  So we just fixed the kids one of their fav meals - chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and edamame.  We got them seated and then the 2 of us stood on the other side of the kitchen enjoying the peace and talking.  Just after they sat down, Piper pointed to her nose and Jason went over and wiped it.  Then a few minute later, she did it again and I went over and did it but I noticed there was no snot.  I thought I saw a big boogie hanging out of her nose and went to try and get it when I noticed that the boogie looked a LOT like the end of a piece of macaroni.  Ah!  She had stuffed a macaroni up her nose and only the very end could be seen!  I didn't freak out but sent Jason up to get the tweezers while I stayed with her and made sure she didn't push it up there further.  I knew it would be a delicate operation since cooked macaroni is pretty soft.  Thankfully, Piper didn't see the least bit bothered and sat still while Jason held her head and I performed surgery.  After a little bit of fishing, I pulled the entire 3/4 inch piece of macaroni out of her nose - it seemed really long!!!  I figured I was done but as soon as I set the tweezers down she motioned to her nose again.  Um, really, Piper???  I looked up the other nostril and I could just barely see a macaroni.  It was up there further.  I had her try to snuff it out and thankfully just a little bit of sniffing pushed it down far enough for me to get a better look.  This was a little more difficult as I couldn't get a hold of it and it kept getting mushy when I'd grab it.  But finally, I got a good hold on it and out it came!  Again, it seemed pretty long coming out of her little nose!!  Piper was completely unphased but Caroline and Bryce were a little shell shocked.  None of us can believe that none of us saw her do it.  There was something satisfying about pulling them out myself - I don't know why.  Gross, I know.  Maybe I should have been a surgeon.  We kept asking her all evening if she was supposed to put things up her nose and she usually answered "yesh."  Sigh.  This could be a long toddlerhood!!

3.  Saturday evening Caroline and Bryce were invited to a bounce party and Piper was invited along.   This was Piper's first bounce party and she had a ball.  Everyone commented on how brave she was.  I kept telling them she doesn't know she's 2.  She bound into every single bounce house without fear.  I had to follow her on the obstacle courses because there were a few climbing walls that were a little too much for her, but amazed me on the few she was able to climb on her own!!  And then when bouncing was over, she went into that party room like she was one of the big kids.  She sat down, ate her pizza, put on her party hat and joined into the conversation all the kids were having about "Old MacDonald having a farm with poop."  She'd laugh at all the hijinks and add a random "POOP!" into the conversation and dissolve into giggles with the rest of the kids.   I love just watching her socialize - I can't imagine what she'd be saying if she was a better conversationalist.

So what's next for Piper?  Who knows, but I'm sure it will continue to be fun to watch.

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Heather said...

Oh my! Gretchen is NOT fond of the dentist...and I think my Dad shoved his nose full of peas as a kid...those are not so easy to get out! Better keep an eye on that girl! Ha!