Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peeps Barf

Okay, so I can finally get around to this story.   Now that I'm over it.

After dinner on Saturday evening, the kids wanted to go back out to the main square and run around the Christmas tree.  No problem, I remember loving that kind of stuff as a kid too.  All the grandparents and aunts/uncles, however, decided to start making their way home.  It had been a long day of walking and waiting in a hella long line.  Again, no biggie, we weren't going to stay much longer either.  So we let them run around for a minute or two and then it hit us how damn cold it was.  So we asked them if they'd want to go into the Peeps store.  Yes, a store dedicated to those nasty Peeps.  But hey, it's a candy store.  What kid chooses a cold Christmas tree over candy?  Not mine!  They went running!

We went in and they were overwhelmed.  I told them they could each pick something out and they started looking around and got attracted to the Mike and Ike display where they had like 10 flavors you can mix and match and buy by the pound.  There was an employee standing there handing out samples for any of the flavors you wanted to try.  Bryce tried Kiwi Banana (barf) and Caroline tried something blue.  Piper, of course, had to try something to and the lady asked me if it was okay.  Sure - so she gave her a pink one.  As the kids were chomping their candy, I picked out the same 3 flavors into a little bag to pay for and take home.

The store was fairly busy but not totally crowded - lots of families mostly.  I made my way up to the register and Jason handed me some cash.  The kids kind of meandered after me and I wasn't really aware of anything except that they were nearby as I was paying attention to the line I was in and waiting my turn.  Apparently, as I was standing there Piper gave Jason a quiet "ow" and pointed to her belly as is often the indicator that her stomach doesn't feel good.  I wasn't aware of this or I probably would have jetted out of the store.  Before I knew it I heard Jason exclaim something and I looked down and there is Piper standing smack in front of the registers with a big puddle of chocolate brown barf all over the floor in front of her.  Caroline and Bryce seemed a bit shell shocked and backed up.  I handed Jason the cash and the bag and told him to pay for the candy while I grabbed wipes and started cleaning her up hoping that a staff member would notice.  I mean really, I didn't want to have to flag someone down.  Thankfully she didn't get much on her and she cleaned up quickly, but the 2 cups of milk and ice cream she'd had with dinner were making it pretty sour smelling.

One of the employees noticed us (how could you not??) and said he'd go get a mop.  At this point, I was standing there with a bunch of vomit smeared wipes in my hand and no where to put them.  Jason moved the kids back out of the way while I stood there with the stroller waiting.  Jason decided to take the kids outside and I was left standing there not knowing what to do.  What do you do in a situation?  I felt like I should help but really, I'm sure the guy was going to mop.  So after an awkward minute or two of people happening by and making "ick" and "yuck" sounds, I told the girl at the register I was sorry and left. My shoes had a little splatter on them too and I cleaned up outside and we headed back to the car.

When we got in the elevator in the garage, Jason busted out laughing.  I wasn't quite there yet.

Piper was fine.  I'm not sure what it is.  She has these random 1 barf incidents every so often that hit her quickly.  It's like something goes down, doesn't sit right and back up it comes.  I guess the candy was what triggered it but the next day I let her have another one just to see if it would happen again and it didn't.  She ate several of them, in fact, and was fine.  So what was it about THAT candy that night?

I called my mom and texted with my SIL on the way home and they all got good laughs out of the whole story - especially considering that Piper was fine.   It reminds me a little of my sister when she was little because she had a very sensitive stomach and had a few public barfing incidents herself - all at restaurants, so I guess I'm lucky Piper didn't unleash there.  Although given the mediocre dinner, that might have been apropos.

So now I feel like I'm walking around with a little time bomb whenever we'll go out to eat in the future.  Although I'll always make sure I have wipes and if she even starts to mention her stomach feeling bad, I'll be making a beeline for the door.

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