Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Notes

I love putting little notes in my kids' lunches!  I especially love it now for Caroline because she can read them herself and not have to have someone read it to her.  I don't put them in every day, but on important days or just because days.  Well, Wednesday, it was reciprocated.  But I didn't know it until later

When I got home from work, Caroline met me and asked me if I'd gotten the note in my purse.  I instantly felt bad!  So I looked and there at the bottom was a tiny little note that said, "I love you mommy.  Love Caroline" and a little heart.  It was on a very tiny piece of paper and since I don't go through my purse on a regular basis, I didn't notice it.  Of course, I loved it just the same and told her how much it meant to me.  She told me that she loves getting notes in her lunch so much.

So as I packed her lunch for Thursday, I was sure to put one in her lunch.  I usually try to make it a little silly but also tell her how much I love her.  But when I got in the car on Thursday morning and grabbed my phone out, I saw a bright green sticky note - bingo!!  "Mommy, I love you.  Love Caroline."  Soooo sweet!  I love her handwriting right now and this desire to tell me how much she loves me in writing just thrills me to pieces.

I called home as soon as I got to work to thank her and I could tell how happy she was that I'd found it in her voice.  I remember how my mom used to put notes in my lunch sometimes - even up through high school.  And while I remember that intense feeling of love, I also remember that from first grade up through high school, without fail, when I'd get one, I'd have to fight the urge NOT to cry because it made me feel so loved.  (I've always been an easy crier.)  So I hope that when Caroline gets my notes, she's not having to fight back the tears too.


Lisa :) said...

Love it! I used to do that for the kids as well. When they started giving me the little notes, how great! It does melt your heart! (I am a easy crier as well).

Bertie said...

I'm crying right now while reading this. I love when you blog about your memories of growing up. My heart just swells!!!!