Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Finally Halloween

Halloween was a great weekend this year!  Kids were bonkers, as expected, but it was a good weekend.  We started out the day on Saturday by getting out to get pumpkins at a local farm.  Then we had a delicious (cheap) lunch at Ikea, got a few items there, and went for a surprsise visit with my parents.  (Seriously, if you haven't tried Ikea for a family meal, you must!)  Saturday evening was spent painting pumpkins, of course.  My MIL gave me these cool, illuminated plastic jack o lanterns which negates the need for a real carved pumpkin.  Plus, the kids have no interest in carving - they just want to paint them.  (No arguments here!)

Piper did the usual paint without abandon thing - the thing was covered when she was done:

Caroline painted the cutest face - I'm so impressed with her art skills:

And even Bryce painted his first real pumpkin face - he surprised me and I love it!

Sunday was a bit of a nutty day as emotions were high and we were just trying to put out fires.  I made a big pot of minestrone soup and that cooked all day so when my parents and IL's arrived, we were ready to eat.  Thanks to my mom for bringing sandwiches and my MIL for bring bread!  It was a great pre-trick or treat feast!  And then it was costume time:

The only photo of Piper with the crayon hat:

My 2 superheros and little purple crayon - all ready to go!

Trick or treating was a hoot!  Caroline and Bryce are experts now and Piper, well, Piper held her own.  She made sure no candy handout forgot her.  She'd follow them up to the door (no fear) and when the older 2 were getting their candy you'd hear her yell out, "Me!  Me!" from the back.  She ended up with a little more candy than her siblings, I think.  I mean, how can you not give a little extra candy to the cutest purple crayon? And then after each house, she'd yell and want you to look in her bucket at what she just got and then would run after her siblings onto the next house.  By the end though, she was holding her bucket with both hands, but she walked the entire time.  Such a little trooper.

Here they are with their spoils - we let them binge a little bit that night: (However it's now all in individual Ziploc bags high up in the pantry for rationing purposes)

I love that Caroline wore her Halloween necklace all day that day, and with her costume!  She has such spirit.


Lauren said...

Caroline's pumpkin IS impressive (and you can tell her that an ART TEACHER said that)!! The eyes are awesome, and the cheeks- I love it!

Piper's costume is amazing- so much better than anything you could have bought! I guess things really do happen for a reason!

Heather said...

LOVE IT! Love it all! They are so adorable!