Sunday, October 03, 2010

Woodberry Kitchen

Last night we went to Woodberry Kitchen in lovely Hampden with my SIL, Kelly, and her husband, Jesse.  Jason and I had been wanting to go for a long time but put it off from the summer for a few reasons (more on that later).  Last night ended up being the perfect night to go!  I can honestly say that this is my new favorite place to eat and I'd go back in a heartbeat.  Definitely go with other people as it's a fun place to sit and talk and just enjoy the atmosphere - at least in the main dining room.  Not that you couldn't just go with a date, but I think the lively atmosphere of the main dining room lends itself to being social.

It's housed in an old brick foundry which makes it more rustic in and of itself.  They have some tables and a small fire pit outside for those that wish to eat outside which might be really nice in the summer, but not my cup of tea when the temp is below 60.  When you walk in you're overcome by the wonderful smell.  Most of Woodberry's food is cooked in a brick oven and the smell is just intoxicating, especially on a cool, crisp fall evening.  I'm sure it's very good in the summer too but that wonderful, woody smell emanating from the brick oven wouldn't be nearly as appreciated.  We were seated almost immediately (right in front of the oven - great seat!) and were greeted by our very attentive server.  (Kelly and I loved that all the servers were wearing jeans and plaid shirts that kind of matched the cloth napkins.)     Kelly, Jesse, and I all started with a signature drink that was just amazing (Jay had a porter).  Then we got on with the really good stuff, hot and cold small plates.  Jesse had raw oysters while the rest of us had things like spinach salad, fresh tomatoes, corn soup, and deviled eggs.  But the main course, oh the main course.  My mouth is still watering from it.  Jesse and I had something called "Chicken and Biscuit" which is something I never would have ordered normally but our server convinced me.  It was half a deboned chicken over kale, carrots and a biscuit.  All cooked in that awesome brick oven.  Seriously, I never expected it to be that good.  Of course everything at Woodberry is organic and locally grown so you know you're getting the best that's out there.  That carried over to the chicken and veggies - I've never had chicken taste like that.  I'll probably compare all chicken I ever have again to that chicken - savory, full of flavor, juicy, and scrumptious!  Jesse and I both commented how how fresh the veggies were too - the carrots were so sweet and delicious.  Hands down, best meal I've ever eaten.  And that was BEFORE dessert.

If you're familiar with the show on The Food Network - Best Thing I Ever Ate, you'll already know about the C.M.P.  On the episode pertaining to dessert, Baltimore native Duff Goldman chose the CMP as the best dessert he'd ever eaten.  The CMP is "Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Peanuts" and it's delicious.  It's basically a sundae totally made better with malt ice cream, gooey, wet peanuts, hot fudge, marshmallow fluff, and capped by a sugar disc on top.  Three out of four of us ordered it and we were NOT disappointed!  Good good good!  I thought I was gonna shed a tear it was so good.  Paired with a big pot of French press coffee and we were all satiated.  The only thing was there were other desserts we all wanted to try as well but we couldn't turn down the holy grail of desserts.  (Apparently they took it off the menu in the summer because the humidity isn't good to the sugar discs so another reason I was glad to have skipped it this past summer.)

So a perfect evening with amazing food, lots of laughs, and good company.  I'd go ahead in a second - any takers?


Viv said...

I can tell you fall is the BEST time to go to Woodberry - summer and winter can be hit or mis but fall is our favorite! Glad you had such a great time! We love it there and we always get something different (which is easy to do since you know everything will taste yummy). And there servers are very attentive and very honest and I love that!

Katie said...

I wanna go there now! You guys are the best for restaurant reviews!

Lauren said...

I LOVE WBK!!! Greg and I went with another couple- I think we pretty much ordered every item on the menu between the 4 of us so that we could sample them all! I remember the stewed rabbit being amazing- and rabbit is not something I would ever order.
Oh- and the popcorn as an appetizer, LOVE THAT!
I need to go back soon! Glad you loved it as much as I did!

Erin said...

Seriously. As soon as I can stay up past 8p.m., this is our next date night!!!! YOu've sold it, sister!