Friday, October 22, 2010

To the Doctor We Will Go...

First sick doctor visit of the season coming up this afternoon!!  I've been meaning to ask if they have the flu shot, so I guess this is my chance.  Bryce woke up with a fever again this morning - cheeks flushed and still not looking like himself.  He says his throat doesn't hurt, but when he was up at 4:30, Jason said he complained about it.  Plus, when I looked at his throat, the tonsils seem swollen and they weren't the other day.  His voice even sounds a little different - swollen, like mine did as a kid when I had strep throat.  Bah.

He hasn't thrown up any more but he also barely ate anything yesterday.  Only some toast and applesauce.  He already made it pretty clear this morning he didn't want to go to the doctor's but, obviously, I'm not letting that sway me.  His cough that he's had for over a week isn't much better either so that's an added concern.

Caroline got over this without issue so I'm guessing Bryce may have a secondary infection or something.  Of course, Piper has now started with that nasty cough that started it all with her older siblings so it's a wait and see thing, I guess.  Will she get over it like Caroline or get sicker like Bryce? 

It was only 3 weeks ago that I went on that field trip with Caroline and I remember hearing SO many kids with that cough and wondering how long before Caroline brought it home.  Sure enough the next week and now it's making its way through our house.  Lovely. 

Not that I want him to have any kind of infection, but I almost hope that's what it is since an antibiotic will clear it up fast.  If it's just viral, well, we ride it out.  Boo.  Not that I'm an antibiotic junkie - I think of the 3 kids put together, we've had less than 10 rounds of antibiotics to date so I'd like to keep that going given how many times I was on antibiotics as a kid.

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