Monday, October 18, 2010

River Picnic

It was such a LOVELY day yesterday, I couldn't fathom sitting inside so I decided to pack the kids a lunch and head down to the river for a waterfront picnic.  The big kids rode their bikes and Piper rode in the wagon that also held our blanket and picnic basket.  Poor Piper was getting closer to nap time and I think the warm sun, the low blood sugar, and long ride had a sedative effect on her because every time I look back at her she was falling asleep.  Poor baby!  But when we got down to the river front, she perked up and devoured her lunch.  I sat us in the shade initially since we were hot from our walk/ride but after being in the shade for just a little bit we moved.  It was windy yesterday but down by the water, it was WINDY WINDY!  Luckily, the kids didn't sit still for long after eating (or while eating) so they weren't the least bit bothered by it.  It was just an unbelievably beautiful day on the water and the kids didn't want to leave.  I could have stayed a lot longer too but given how Piper had been falling asleep on the way down, I didn't want to postpone her nap too much.

Eating a sandwich on the run!
They posed like this for some reason!  I think they were happy or something.

Piper was so funny before we left insisting on wearing this little get up.  Jeans and a skirt.  She also insisted she wear her new sparkly black ballet slippers too.  Of course, they were a bad choice for the day since the ground is a little bumpy and she kept stepping in dips or falling and then a shoe would come off.  But that didn't bother Piper, nope, she'd just sit down, put it back on and go on her merry way.  She even found a good spot for jumping off of, even if her shoe came off every single time.  Her skirt actually turned out to be a good choice though because it was a makeshift apron that caught all her yogurt drippings.  Such a silly girl. Already taking after her big sister's fashion leanings!

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Katie said...

I love this style of post with the photos & story. Looks like a fun day! Can we come on the next picnic?!? Miss you guys!