Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh the Coughing!

I swear, someone in this house has had a cough since like mid-September.  Hack.  A short cough/cold virus went through soon after school started but was quickly recovered from - I don't think I even had the cough, just a minimal cold - no congestion either (thanks to the Vitamin D, I swear by).  Then Caroline got a cold with a cough that was a little worse, then Bryce got it and it was much worse (and turned into that ear infection) and then Piper got it.  Well, I started with it on Monday and I'm in the throws of a gunky throat and now the coughing.  And NOW, Caroline has it again, but bad like Bryce and I.  WTH?  Clearly whatever she had previously wasn't what she has now.  And as I've said before, when Caroline is sick, she thinks the world is going to end.

I had a coughing fit after dinner and proved to her that it's not just her that's not feeling great.  What great fun that was.  I think Delsym is in my future tonight if this keeps up.  I don't actually feel bad, it's just the constant throat clearing the occasional coughing fit.  I don't have a lot of energy either but that's hard to gauge as it's been a hectic week anyway.

So Jason is doing the powder room over tomorrow as a result of the toilet handle breaking the other night (toilet is broken and he can't fix it without removing the old shelf we had above it, but if you're gonna remove that shelf, you might as well paint the bathroom that we've been planning, right?  Phase 2 will be when he finally gets the Pergo down in there and, at last, that project will be complete.  But since he's got big home improvement plans, I think I'm gonna take the kids out on an adventure or something.  Well, we have to get pumpkins at the very least.  Who knows where the wind will blow us?

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