Saturday, October 02, 2010

Nursemaid Piper

This is how I looked a short time before my injury.
Yesterday evening we were all in the family room playing before bath and bedtime.  Bryce and Jay were playing Wii while Caroline, Piper and I watched and played around.  I had been wrapping Piper up in a blanket and swaddling her like a baby.  She was getting big laughs out of it and when she wanted to do it again, she laid down on the blanket but it wasn't laying out right so told her to get up.  She lifted her arm toward me and I pulled. Just as I pulled, she twisted and I heard a snap or popping sound.  She immediately screamed and was crying really hard.  I pulled her up on my lap and cuddled her hoping that the worst would be over in a minute or two like most of her other "injuries" are.  But that was not the case.  She laid there silently in my lap which was odd in and of itself because she had just been climbing all over me.  Second, if you moved her arm at all she whined and started crying.  I knew something wasn't right.  That snap I heard told me.  Jason tried making her laugh and to get her to move it.  She could move it a little and she could move her fingers so we were pretty much positive she hadn't actually broken anything but our minds immediately went to wondering if she's dislocated a shoulder or her elbow.  But still, we weren't sure.  I tried to take her upstairs and when she cried out in pain, I pretty much knew that we were headed out to Patient First.  As she laid on the table, she cried and cried as I moved her. I gave her a dose of Motrin and then had Jason put her in the car while I packed the bag up and could hear her screaming as he buckled her in knowing he would have had to move her arm to do so.  When I got out there, I put a little neck pillow under her arm to help mobilize it for the ride.

I pulled out of the garage at 7:40pm.  Such a weird sensation feeling like it was SOOO late to be going out.  Such a different way of life when you have young kids.  At 7:40 bedtime was nearing and kids would soon be sleeping.  But anyone without kids is probably just going out, sitting down at a restaurant for dinner, or getting ready to see a movie.  I guess that's why I was so surprised at how busy the traffic was.  I mean, really, who are these crazy people going out at such a crazy hour?  Oh yeah, I'm the weird one.  It really is funny how your perspective changes.....

Anyway, the whole ride over I kept looking back at Piper and asking her if she was okay.  She mostly would just sigh and babble something I wasn't sure of.  But she did make it quite clear when she didn't like the song that was playing on the radio.  Typical.  We pulled into the Patient First parking lot and I went around to get her and I asked her how her arm was.  It sounded like she was telling me it was better.  Then I unbuckled her from her seat expecting a wince of pain, but none whatsoever and she moved her arm fine and grabbed both arms around my neck.  WHAT???  I called Jason quickly and he verbalized what I was kind of thinking, take her in, get her checked out because you would feel terrible if you had to take her back later or the next morning. I kept wondering if the Motrin really could have made it that much better!

We walked into P.F. and thankfully, it was empty!  Got through her intake right away and back to triage within seconds of finishing intake.  She was acting totally normally and chatting with all the women she saw.  We got back in the exam room and she was climbing all over the place.  Um, yeah, I felt like an idiot.  But then, the doctor came in and I immediately recognized him as the doctor that saw Caroline the night of the infamous eye scratch incident.  I told him exactly what had happened and how she seemed fine now.  He told me that the way I described the incident was the best explanation of Nursemaid's Elbow that he'd ever heard!  And he suspected that probably sometime during the shifting around to get her there, that it had corrected itself and hence, normal Piper.   He said that quite often it's corrected by doing an x-ray because of the way they have to manipulate the arm to take the photo.  I'm guessing that maybe Jason "corrected" it while getting her into her seat because of how upset she was at that point and how she felt better by the time we got to the doctor's.  He was very understanding and said it was good that I'd brought her in but he did warn me of how easily this could happen again so to be careful not to pull her arms.  I've already warned Caroline and Bryce!

So all's well that ends well and we made it hope just before 9pm.  Once again, Piper proves that a 3rd child doesn't do any of the same things their older siblings do.  Add this to my list of parenting "been there, done that" situations.


Erin said...

Ohhh yeah... Ben did this THREE times. The first time, I thought for sure he broke his arm, but for the life of me, couldn't figure out how because all that had happened was Tom held his hand walking down some stairs!!! (Ben had pulled away while they were walking down) And yes, it happens SUPER easily from here on out until that joint gets stronger... so be prepared! :) (but at least you'll know what it is next time!)

Unknown said...

I am glad she is okay. I knew of a little girl that this would happen to. Be careful with Ring Around the Rosie. I know that was a really bad game for her and it would always mess her up. They actually had to show her daycare provider how to pop her arm back in it happened so much. Hopefully, this will be Piper's first and last time.