Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Note from the Past

My mom called last night to ask me about something that my dad found when he was taking the chair rail down in what used to be my childhood bedroom.  The chair rail that had been up since 1987 even though the overall decor and wall color had changed several times around it since it was put up.  Apparently he took it down and a little piece of paper fell out that had been somehow stuffed behind it.  He opened the paper and read my handwriting:

"October 20, 1989

Today was awful.

Erika C______"

My mom said it almost made her cry since she obviously didn't know what had been wrong so she called to ask me.  I have absolutely no recollection.  I know that I was 12 years old, almost 13 and in the 8th grade.  At that point I don't think I had any friend problems or boy problems nor was there any other thing that stands out in my mind as particularly horrible.   And I really have no recollection of stuffing a piece of paper behind the chair rail.  I remember a particularly awful day in 7th grade when I cried myself into oblivion upon getting my first D on a test in pre-algebra.  But it wasn't that day either as that was at least 5-7 months earlier.  I also remember some bad days in the spring of 1990, but again, not October 1989.  I wish I knew.  Especially given how good my memory is of my childhood and how well I remember events and when they happened. (I didn't start journaling until the next year in high school and that was only off and on for those 4 years.)

My mom says I can see it, but I can't have it.  She wants to keep it.  That made me smile.  I have other memories of doing similar things.  I remember writing on the underside of my desk and my chair (the desk that is in Caroline's room right now).  I remember writing on the paper that covers a dry cleaner's wire hanger when doing some ironing for my mom (that still shows up from time to time). I remember leaving little notes in my mom's makeup bag or the medicine cabinet in my parents' bathroom.  But I do not remember this note.

What's funny is that it's almost 21 years to the day that it was written.  I told my mom it's old enough to go out and have a drink.  The other thing that really caught me off guard about it is when she told me the story - where he found it and what it said, the first thing I thought was that it sounds like something Caroline would do.  (Not that she did it, but that she would do something like that now.)  Gives me a little picture of myself at the tender age of 12 and my thoughts.  I could totally imagine Caroline doing something like that as I know how much she likes little notes and expressing herself.

So that was me, almost 21 years ago.  I had an awful day.


Heather said...

At least it didn't say "I had sex with so & so today." Ha ha ha!!!!

Katie said...

i was wondering if you had broken up with J that day. When did you two meet again???

But Wow, what a blast from the past. Bummer about the bad-day mystery, but what a cool thing to find. I hope my girls stash secret notes (and hopefully happy ones) for me to find 20 years from now.

Bertie said...

Love this blog! Not only do we have little notes "still" in our medicine chest but also a picture of you with maternal greatgrandmother's black round eyeglasses!!! The note in our medicine cabinet is from July 1987(?) to dad as he was going to Italy for cute and such keepsakes for your parental units!
Oh, BTW, the desk chair is still here...Caroline's chair is not the one you had. I'll check it out...hopefully hasn't been painted over! hehe
Love you!!

Erika said...

Heather, I was 12!!!!!!! Ew.

@Katie, no, that was over 2 years before we started dating. At that age, I wasn't even really interested in boys yet and had very little drama in my life. I just can't figure out what made it so awful.

Bracken said...

That is so cute but of course sad at the same time since you said you had a bad day, but what a cool way to have a blast to the past.

Heather said...

Hey, I know you are a wild woman now...who knows what you were up to when you were 12! Ha ha ha!

Katie said...

Maybe you didn't get tix to a NKOTB concert or something. LOL.