Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Tooth Fairy at Our House

So for like the 4th week in a row, another mom friend on Facebook with a child in kindergarten has announced her child has lost a tooth.  And here Caroline sits, almost 7 in the first grade without any loose teeth.  The two bottom teeth are sort of loose as in, I can sort of feel them move but aren't wiggle with your tongue loose.  Poor kid - she asks me regularly at bedtime when she's going to lose one.  I am seriously starting to think Bryce might lose one first.  (He got his first tooth at 4 months old and I've read that often the age you get your first tooth correlates to how early/late you lose your first tooth.)  Caroline's first tooth didn't come in until almost 10 months old.  So no cute first grade photo with a missing tooth.  No exciting Tooth Fairy visits.  Just her cute little baby teeth continuing to live in her mouth.

I'll be honest though, I love baby teeth.  I hate how the adult teeth look in younger kids' mouths at first, especially those top, front teeth.  I look at photos of me at that age and those teeth look enormous.  I'll be kind of sad when we are losing those precious baby teeth that we so eagerly awaited back in 2004.   Plus, I'm also dreading the adult teeth and the looming discussion of orthodontics.  Eek.  The dentist has pretty much told us that Caroline will need braces given her bite and shape of her mouth - of course if she stopped sucking her thumb at night, that would probably help too.  Good thing she has a dentist appointment this weekend - I've got a bunch of questions.

Caroline wants to stop sucking her thumb, at least that is what she says.  She rarely ever sucks it during the day but it's something she does unconsciously at night.  The other night when she told me she wanted to stop and wanted to know how, I suggested putting a sock on her hand.  She didn't like that idea and asked for something else.  Sorry kid, that's all I've got.  There's THIS weird looking thing, but I don't think that would go over well.  I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep with that thing on!

Oh and Caroline has changed her mind about not wanting the Tooth Fairy anywhere near her bedroom. She has now consented to her tooth taking up residence in the tooth pillow that my grandmother made her for the trade off, when it finally happens.  I actually had one too and I am sure it makes things very easy on the Tooth Fairy given that she won't have to reach under a pillow!!


Katie said...

She is on the older side for not losing one. Bryce better not lose one before her though! Tell her to start wiggling one now just to make sure that doesn't happen!
P.S. Emily's permanent tooth is already growing in. That was fast. I think her baby tooth held on till it was forced out.

Viv said...

Or there's this for $75

Bertie said...

Monday morning she was wiggling the bottom teeth and said she tasted blood and said "ewww!" Probably not too long. Too bad she doesn't eat apples.