Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night Barf

It's only late October and we've already had our first barf night of the season.   Caroline brought home a yucko cold from school a few weeks ago - coughing, upper chest congestion.  Fun.  Those kinds of colds always seem to last way longer than a head cold tends too.  And in no surprise, Bryce ended up with it too.  Of course given his issues he's had with allergy and slight asthma, he tends to get the cough and congestion a little worse.  But for the most part, he's been fine (compared with his big sister who thinks being sick is the end of the world).  However, on Monday after preschool my mom said he told her he was tired and then dozed off on the couch - Bryce never does that.  But I chalked it up to a random day.  Then the next afternoon he fell asleep - again, I figured his little body is just not feeling good and by the time I got home, he was fine although Jason did give him some ibuprofen since he just seemed overall not feeling great.  No fever though.  Then another nap yesterday afternoon and I started to get worried.  My MIL even called me and said he looked flushed and felt warm, but when she checked his temperature, no fever.  Again, another dose of ibuprofen just to help him feel better and by the time I got home he was fine.  He ate a really good dinner last night and I figured we'd wait and see about school for today.  His cough and congestion actually seem to be a little bit better so I figured it was just some weird viral thing that needs to work itself out.

Well, at 1am we got our answer.  BARF!  He yelled out and by the tone of his voice, I bolted to his room just as he heaved for the first time.  I grabbed the trash can in enough time to catch most of it but he still got it all over his PJs and on the bottom sheet.  It totally freaked him out and I realize now it's probably because he's thrown up so few times in his life.  (Caroline has always been the barfer and even Piper has thrown up more times than Bryce!)  Needless to say, waking up in the middle of the night barfing isn't fun but to Bryce this really rattled him.  He kind of panicked and I couldn't get it off of him fast enough once I got him into the bathroom.  Jason went into clean up mode on the bed while I took care of Bryce.  Got him into fresh pajamas and then he had a drink of water.  Got him back into bed with towels covering everything and hoped for the best.  10 minutes later he called out again and by the time I got there was sitting and dry heaving into the trash can.  Got up, had a sip of water and back to bed.  10 minutes later, another episode.  Poor kid was totally freaked out by the dry heaves.  This time though, I told him to swish the water and not really drink it.  That may have done it because he slept the rest of the night.  (I also noticed that for as much dinner as he had eaten, he didn't really throw up that much which tells me that it's probably not a stomach virus since a true stomach virus will generally start with your stomach not digesting any of your last meal.)  Oh and thankfully he'd had NO milk at dinner - that always makes kid barf so much worse!

The weird thing in all this was in the middle of cleaning up the initial clean up, Caroline woke up to the commotion. (How could she not, Bryce was yelling in his post-puke panic.)  She kind of checked everything out and then comes into me as I'm washing out the trash can and says, "Hey mommy, can I play a little while?"  Um, what?  I didn't really answer her and she went back in her room, turned on the light and started messing around.  Once we got Bryce settled, Jay told her to go to bed.  Then she got back up and told me she didn't want to hear Bryce barfing again because it makes her feel sick so she wanted to close her door but if she closed her door she got scared so she needed a light on.  At that point, I was tired and didn't care. 

She stayed in her room the next 2 barfing sessions and I figured she'd gone to sleep but then at 2am, she was wandering around the hallway because she had to pee and didn't want to use her toilet because she said that is where Bryce's barf went.  Ugh.  I told her to come into our room and use our bathroom, of course that meant she turned on the light (BRIGHT LIGHT!).  She finished up and then went back to bed  - light still on in her room and slept until this morning.  It was just kind of quirky the way she dealt with it but I can tell you I didn't appreciate the delayed going back to sleep by the non-sick child. 

Bryce woke up this morning feeling a little better so we gave him some Gatorade and he tolerated it okay.  But by the time I left his temperature was just over 100 so more ibuprofen.  I went ahead to work but told him that I was going to work so I could take him to the doctor tomorrow if he still wasn't feeling better.  I felt bad leaving him but at least I was leaving him with my ILs who insisted on coming down even though he was sick.  I just talked to my FIL and Bryce had some toast and was feeling the effects of the ibuprofen.  So now we wait and see.  Poor boy.  I hate these weird viral things - at least that is what I hope this is.  If the fever persists though, we'll be going to see the doc to rule out other things.  I know strep can present like this with vomiting in younger children although both Bryce and Caroline have had similar viruses in the past that the nurse practitioner was sure was going to be strep and ended up being just viral.

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Heather said...

Ugh, that sucks. Been there with Gretchen and I hate it. Nothing like middle of the night puke to clean up and a sick child to tend to. Ick. Here's hoping Bryce feels better really soon.