Friday, October 15, 2010

How to Break Your Baby's Heart

Yesterday afternoon, a package arrived!  It was Bryce and Caroline's costumes that I'd ordered online earlier in the week after finding out my original order from was canceled.  My mother in law is in the process of making Piper's costume and has even measured and shown Piper what she's making.  But I guess Piper doesn't quite understand.

I sat the box up on the kitchen table with Bryce and Piper standing right there waiting to see what was inside.  She saw Bryce's costume come out (and how excited he got) and then she saw Caroline's costume come out and she stood there waiting for her's.  When she saw the box was empty, she started crying.  And I mean sobbing!  I picked her up, she buried her head in my shoulder and she cried.  I swear, I felt like I'd broken her heart and I felt terrible.  Clearly, she remembered sitting on my lap the first time we ordered and her seeing her purple crayon costume.  She really thought she was getting one in the mail.  My MIL was still there and quickly pulled out the part that she'd already made in an effort to console her poor little heart.  Piper didn't understand.  She wanted a fancy, bagged costume.

Oh be still my heart!  She cried into my shoulder for a bit and finally calmed down.  I just felt terrible and it just made me angry all over again at stupid  My MIL has the main body of the "dress" done, but I need to help her with the black labeling.  I know I've got 2 weeks but after this episode, I need to get it done soon.  I also will need to get her some black leggings and a black long sleeved t-shirt. 

My poor Purple Piper.  (Oh and I asked her what she wanted for Christmas the other day and she told me "Purple."  Sigh.  Should be interesting shopping for her this year.)

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Heather said...

OH, that just makes me want to cry!