Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Preview

I have better photos on my camera but didn't get a chance to upload them last night so here's my random Blackberry photo (that I texted to like, all my family, and posted on FB) so most of you have probably already seen it.

They did the "Trunk or Treat" thing at my mom's church yesterday which has become our annual start to the Halloween celebration.  Caroline was beyond thrilled to finally wear her Wonder Woman costume (she looked so cute in it!) and Bryce just made me giggle in his Iron Man costume.  Talk about a deal - that thing was $12 from!  I love how in photos it looks like it lights up, but it doesn't  - it's just the material.  He wore the mask the entire time too which is funny since last year he barely wore his Spiderman mask.  (He was insistent on this particular Iron Man, which I've been told is like "war machine" Iron Man or something - he didn't want the traditional red/gold one.  Mind you, he's never seen any Iron Man movies!)
And then there was Purple!!  The costume came out SOOOO well!  My MIL made the actual "dress" part and I did all the cut outs for the "swirl" and the lettering.  I was determined to make sure the Crayola logo was the exact font so I found a logo online and cut out the letters to match.  I've got a little pointed hat too but didn't get the elastic on in time and I'm really not sure she would have worn it.

Piper knew just what to do with the trick or treating and didn't flinch too much at the scary type costumes.  She should be a hoot on Halloween next week.  Thankfully too, they actually didn't get too much candy, which is a good thing since the rationing will begin tonight!  Now I just need to get pumpkins for them to paint as we're opting NOT to carve them since they don't have much interest and my MIL gave me these awesome plug in glowing pumpkins to put on the front porch.

And the way I see it, now that it's Halloween season, the holiday season is pretty much beginning because before you know it, it's Thanksgiving and you know what happens next......dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!


Katie said...

I love the purple crayon! May have to borrow that idea for future years! C& B look awesome too!

BJ said...

The kids look great! What wonderful outfits!!!!

Heather said...

I LOVE LITTLE PURPLE PIPER!!! Caroline knows who Wonder Woman is? I didn't know she was "in"? And Bryce, what a manly costume! LOVE IT! I hope I get a cute photo of G&L this week. G's Halloween parade and party are on Friday--Tinkerbell! And, L will be Peter Pan!