Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally, A Match

With Caroline and Bryce spending the night at my sister's last night, Jason and I headed out with Piper to Gardiner's to check out what they had in the way of tables and chairs.  We quickly figured out that ordering anything custom was WAAAAAAY out of our price range, good heavens.  Way out.  Geez.  But unlike some of the other places we've visited, Gardiner's has the resources of big furniture makers and their entire collections.  So if we didn't like that a particular table had upholstered chairs, most likely the collection had a non-upholstered version too.  We had the weirdest sales guy too.  In most furniture stores I've been in, a sales person is more than helpful.  This guy, while not rude, seemed like he wasn't overly interested in helping anyone.  I know the lady at Ashley Furniture was falling all over herself to try and find a match for.  When we told the guy exactly what we were looking for, he said, "Good luck!"  Um, thanks.  (Just like we knew and kept hearing, dark furniture is all the rage right now.)  But it seems we were stuck with him as no other sales person was going to swoop in.  But, after the initial conclusion that we weren't going custom, he mentioned one lighter wood set to take a look at but of course, it had upholstered seats, but he quickly got out the catalog and showed me the hard wood seat variety.  He went onto tell us that this set has just been brought back and he senses that lighter furniture is making its comeback.   He said this set was from like 10 years ago and I laughed and said well, it's very similar in color to our bedroom set which he guessed must have been bought 10 years or so ago - close 8 years!

It meets all my specifications - lighter wood, wooden seats, can easily seat 8 with the leaf, and 6 for everyday.

It's not cheap, but it's also in the range we were guessing for a "lifetime" set.  There's a sale through Monday that would save us a bit, so we'll either be pulling the trigger quickly or waiting until the next sale, because you know in the furniture world there is always a sale it seems.   Right now our kitchen table is 60 inches long and this one would be 72 for 6 people, so I need to visually see how 72 is going to look/feel in our kitchen. 

So we might go and look at one or two other places since we're in no rush and want to make sure it's right.  And we know this set isn't going anywhere.  But at least now we know we've got a possibility!!!


Viv said...

Our set from Gardiner's was bought a little over 10 years ago (light wood) and it's in great shape - it' sour lifetime (or close to it) set! We really like that store and everything we have gotten from there. Glad to hear light wood is coming back "in" :) Good Luck!

Heather said...

Ooooh, I like it!