Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall at the Farm

Being that it was such a perfect fall weekend, I decided on Friday evening that we just HAD to take the kids out to some kind of fall frolic type event.  I wanted to steer clear of Weber's as it's overcrowded (and over priced) for what you get on the weekend!!!  So this year we tried out Chapel Hills Farm since I know a few other moms who take their kids there and wanted to see what it was all about.  Not organized the same way as Weber's is in terms of a general admission, but that worked out well for us since the kids weren't interested in doing all the events.  It was also fairly uncrowded and there were several things for the kids to do that were free.  I love all their wooden playground, climbing apparatuses and so did the kids!  In fact, there were several kids climbing around with them that had their parents nearby lamenting about having purchased so many tickets because all the kids wanted to do was the playground!

Mateys on the boat

A wooden cheese wagon

After a bit of climbing though, they were ready for some straw fun.  My kids love to jump and jumping off of bales of straw into piles of the loose stuff apparently fit the bill.  (I told them this makes up for them not being allowed to jump off their beds at home!)

Then after that, it was time for some farm animal time.  They seemed to like the goats the best although Piper wasn't so sure at first when approached by the baby goat that had free range of the farm.  But she warmed up to him and ended up giggling her way through feeding them pieces of hay and long grass.  Man, those goats really will eat anything! 

Now, notice Caroline's outfit.  Originally, she came down in flip flops and when I told her we were going to a farm and needed to wear shoes and socks, this is what she chose.  I'd already cautioned her about wearing capris but she balked and I didn't push it.  I think she learned her lesson though in the straw romp when her lower legs got little cuts on them from the straw.  I'm proud of myself for containing my thoughts on the red socks but it's pretty obvious she dresses herself.

After picking up a gallon of apple cider, yum, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Caroline's favorite, Ledo's, and then did a quick shopping trip to Target where we stocked up on new (larger) undershirts and socks for all 3 kids although I didn't find any undershirts for Piper.  We also checked out Target's offering on end tables as we need to replace the one in my family room due to some recent lighting changes (more on that later).

It was a lovely fall day and was glad to have spent so much of it outside in the sunshine!

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Viv said...

We LOVE Chapel Hills! We go there all year round and feed the animals (we take carrots and cut up apples from Richardsons for all but especially the horses and sometimes bread for the goats too) I wish I had known you were going or I would have told you to take "food" the girls LOVE to feed the animals! It really is a great little spot for the kids to go and have fun (and I got the biggest pot of mums from them for $5.99!)

Glad you guys had a good time - I agree with Weber's and we are skipping them this year (M is going to Huber's for a school trip right before Halloween)