Friday, October 08, 2010

Driving and Talking

One of the benefits of having a little bit of a longer drive to drop Bryce off in the mornings now is that we get the chance to chat more.  Most mornings he doesn't ask for the radio to be turned on, he's content to chat with me.  We'll do our usual ritual of counting all the school buses we see (we have a VERY rich drive in that department - our record once was 20!!) and just talking about things we see.  He sits all the way in the back though so sometimes I have to talk really loudly but mostly we have really nice talks. 

I generally let him lead and the things that kid comes up with crack me up on a continual basis.  This morning he says, "Yeah, I have 2 friends at school.  Well, no, I have 3.  Well, wait, I have 4.  But I don't know the one girl's name that is my friend."  This always makes me laugh because Bryce has shown us that he's not always great with names - how he can be friends with a person and not know their name makes me laugh.  When I asked him if this one kid he's talked about before "Ricky" was his friend, he said yes and I laughed and said, "Is Ricky tricky?"  And to that he replied, "No, but his last name IS Tricky!"   Um Ricky Tricky, I don't think so, Bryce!

I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Bryce covering his mouth and trying not to laugh.  Automatic signs of a little fib as he knows I'm looking for his "liar lips" which were very clear even all the way in the back.  We had a good laugh over that and he can never figure out how I can tell he's not telling me the truth. 

Some mornings though, Bryce is intent on asking me questions that there is NO way I'd know the answer to - mostly about why people he sees out the window are doing what they are doing or how I know something.  That always makes me a little crazy because sometimes it's just too complicated to explain in any way that would make sense to him.  Not that I don't like explaining things to him but that boy really knows how to make your brain hurt sometimes. 

I really do like our alone time together in the mornings.  I love how passionately he hugs and kisses me when I drop him off and how happy he is to be joining the other kids.  There's just nobody like Bryce!

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