Friday, October 22, 2010


When I got home, I was met by a very chipper Bryce.  My MIL said he acted like normal all morning, of course that was on a dose of ibuprofen.  I was starting to second guess myself in taking him, but decided to go anyway. He was all smiley and good and I told him to not act so happy and perky because mommy was going to look dumb.  But thankfully (?), when the nurse took his temperature, it was 99.8.  Clearly, it was the ibuprofen that made him seem mostly healed.  Dr. Q took a look in his throat and commented on it being quite red and then his ears.  First ear was fine, second ear - infection.  Funny thing is, of all the things he's complained about the past week, his ears have never been one of them!  Doc decided to go ahead and give him an Rx for the ear infection and not bother with culturing the throat since the antibiotics would cure that if it was anything bacterial.

I gave him a dose of ibuprofen in the car along with a juice box knowing that since his temp was going back up, he might start feeling bad again - and I was right.  After we got home, he started slowing down and then fell asleep on the couch as the rest of us sat down to dinner.  He woke up after his sisters started doing crazy Boobah dancing (yes, we still have one of those creepy Boobahs) and now he's in eating pizza and chatting it up with Jason - first dose of antibiotics in his belly.

He was supposed to go to spend the night with Caroline at my sister's tomorrow but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  Caroline is super excited to go but Bryce has been saying he didn't want to go all week but with him not feeling good, I really can't trust his judgement.

Okay, time to referee sister Wrestle Mania.  Seriously.  Caroline has the floor all set up and is putting on some pumped up music to get them going.  Crazy girls.  Gotta get the camera for this one.


Bertie said...

Boobah's are fun!...they'll always remind me of Caroline loving to sit and watch them when I babysat just her!

Heather said...

what are boobah's????