Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute Piper Things

I swear, Piper is just the cutest thing.  Pretty much every moment I am with her, I'm overcome with the cuteness factor.  It's so hard to get angry with her and even if you do, it doesn't last long.  2 year old tantrums are just so easy to manage.  You just ignore it and in a few minutes, she's over it.  Anyway, there are a bunch of cute things she's doing right now that I don't want to forget:

Last night after dinner she was climbing around on the kitchen chairs and she said, out of the blue, "Ga-ga eh doodlebug." (Caroline is doodlebug.) Clear as day!  Now, that might not be so exciting to most people but for Piper, THAT was a big deal.  Aside from the fact that it was an actual sentence, she said a 3 syllable word!!  (My MIL has always called Caroline her doodlebug and clearly, Piper picked up on it.)  I was so excited I clapped and gave her a high five (her new fav way to celebrate) and she kept saying it over and over.  We called my mom to have her say it too. 

Another speech break through as well, at dinner last night she clearly asked for a green spoon to eat with.  Again, probably not that exciting to most parents but when your child is speech delayed it is.  We had actually set a goal with our toddler service coordinator that entailed Piper asking for something on her own at the dinner table.   She's asked for spoons before but never specified it very clearly what she wanted.  So she asked for a green spoon and Piper got her green spoon.  The look of satisfaction on her face seeing that she could ask for something specifically and actually get it was joyful! 

Piper loves music and to dance - especially to mainstream pop music.  No toddler tunes for this kid.  Clearly an influence of having older siblings.  We have one mp3 player that the kids share right now and is mostly used by Caroline and Bryce but every now and then Piper gets her hands on it.  She puts those headphones on, turns the thing on and automatically starts bopping to the beat - her little arm goes up and she'll strut away letting the music move her.  I've tried to get this on video but she knows what I'm doing and runs away.

Piper has always liked walking on her toes but lately I've noticed she gets up on them so high sometimes, her toes actually curl under and she walks on the tops of her toes.  It looks painful to me but I guess it's not for her.  Her little feet are so cute and chubby, anything she does with them are cute.

Piper has started singing - finally.  Having a speech delay not only delays speech (duh) but it delays singing too.  Caroline was singing lots of recognizable songs before 2, Piper, not yet.  But, she's starting to make up her own songs (much like her sister).  2 weeks ago she wrote a song called "Bye Bye Be-be and Pop Pop." (a song for my parents) This morning I actually heard her singing it in her crib before I went into her room.  She always sings it in this soft, high voice.  Again, I need a video but she's onto my tricks!

One of Piper's favorite books is Goodnight Moon and when she chooses it to read at bedtime I love that when the "old lady" isn't in her chair, Piper has to tell me that she's in the toy house.  On the first page showing the room she'll say, "Where mama?  Ohhhh, house!"  and then at the end when the "old lady" is gone, she'll tell you the mama went into the house.  So funny!  I giggle every time.

Finally, after reading her book, I sit with Piper in the dark and rock her and sing a song of her choice to her.  It used to always be "You Are My Sunshine" but lately we've been mixing it up with a few others.  The other night she kept insisting I sing "Up."  I wasn't sure what she meant and then I figured it out - Twinkle, Twinkle.  You know, "up above the world so high."  I love that of all the words in the song, that is the word she picked out.  Cutie pie!

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