Sunday, October 10, 2010

Braidy Anderson

Every so often, Caroline asks me to braid her hair into a braid that goes from one side of her face to the other.  I like it because it keeps her hair out of her face and I just think she looks so pretty.   She loves it but also loves how crinkly her hair looks when she takes it out.  The other night, she was balking about taking a bath because she wanted to crinkles to stay.  So, I told her if she took a bath and washed her hair, we could braid her hair all over and it would be all crinkles in the morning.  She was in!!

So after her bath, we used the hair dryer to get it mostly dry, but still a little damp and then I braided it all over (about 15 braids).  Oh the anticipation until morning!!  She was soooooo excited upon taking them out and couldn't wait to get to school.  I thought it kind of looked like Taylor Swift and she was thrilled.  What I was amazed about was that it stayed in so well.  I fully expected by the end of the day that most of the crinkles would be gone but they weren't.  Not as tight as they had been in the morning but still clearly crinkly.  In fact, she still had noticeably crinkly hair the next night!!   And she would only consent to a bath and hair washing if I promised the braid treatment again.  And here we are this morning:

I've already told her this is not something to expect every night nor will I be letting her in the secret of a perm.  Oh and definitely not what I'll be doing the night before school pictures!!  But it's cute nonetheless and fun for her.  Plus, I do like to braid every now and again.  Takes me back to my My Little Pony days.

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Heather said...

OMG, I remember doing that all the time! And then they invented "the crimper" and I thought I was SO COOL. Ha!