Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Fixer

I must say, ever since having Piper, I've gotten very good at fixing ripped books.  Sure, all toddlers have ripped a book or two, but Piper, well, Piper seems to have gotten into a bad habit.  She'll usually do it at nap time when she can reach through the bars of her crib and grab a book with paper pages off her bookshelf.  Today it was the girl version of Once Upon a Potty.  The only reason I saved it was because I think it's such a good potty training book and it's the girl version.  Had it been the boy version, I would have chucked it.

I can tell she thinks she's funny when she does it.  Ugh, where does she get this destructive streak?  Caroline and Bryce never did this!  (I say that too often with Piper.)  She's managed to even rip up a few board books too.  Good Night Moon had the cover and spine ripped off - repaired that.  And my favorite So Many Bunnies also had the spine ripped off - I left it alone.

But worst of all, she recently partially ripped one of the wallpaper turtles off the wall next to her crib.  The nursery has has a turtle border around the top of the wall since Caroline was coming and I also cut a few of the turtles out and put them on the wall - 2 next to the crib.  Well, one day Piper got antsy and managed to rip one off part way.  I need to glue it back on because it just looks bad and I won't let my little vandal get the better of me. Of course then I worry that me fixing it every time means she's going to think it's no big deal to rip something.  She's gotten a little smack on the hand for this book ripping stuff.  I worry that she'll rip one of Caroline's school books or a library book.  Of course, I'm making sure that she can't reach any of them from her crib anymore.

What else do you have in store for us, Piper?

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