Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weird Friday

Yesterday was kind of a strange day. Not strange good or bad, just a little strange.

  • It was Friday, September 24 and it was 95 degrees.  Hot, humid, Julyish!  I loved it.  By this time of year I'm usually ready for fall, but for some reason, not this year.  I'm very sad summer is over.
  • Because of the hot weather, we went swimming at my parents'.  This is weird for the plain and simple fact that usually, my parents close the pool on Labor Day.  Not this year, it paid off.  (And I was so glad because I didn't have a video of my own of Piper, the amazing swimmer!  I am so proud of her!)

  • Because we were coming over for a pre-dinner swim, my parents took care of dinner.  My dad got a whole tray of sushi from a local place we love and while that's not weird, what is weird is that Caroline and Bryce ATE some!!!  And said they loved it!  Double weird.  Looking forward to taking them out with us sometime.
  • During dinner, Piper started crying about her stomach hurting.  I immediately flashed back to when this happened in July when she ended up barfing and then being fine.  She gets really clingy and then when you're not expecting it....YACK!!  This time, of course, was right on my shoulder, down my back, onto the floor, onto my mom's Coach purse, and some even got inside.  EW!  Of course, she'd had some milk making the kid barf that much grosser.  She felt better immediately and after a bath went on to play with her siblings and my mom.  But they gave her a tiny cup of water and that came right back up.  That made me worry she was actually sick instead of some weird stomach discomfort.  She whined a little in the night but had a sip of water at 1am without any problem and then woke up this morning at 6:30am ready to go.  She's had apple juice, water, raisins (her insistence), a little bagel, and some oatmeal and she's fine.  Weird.  We're coming to the conclusion that she has a sensitive stomach on top of already knowing she has a sensitive gag reflex.  

So that was our weird Friday.  My cousin and her baby arrive today and I'm very excited for the weekend.  Kids are excited to meet and hold baby Flora - Piper has been carrying around her birth announcement saying "Lo-a" so I think she's ready to play mama as she tends to want to do with babies.

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