Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week Review

Busy week here.  But when isn't it busy?
  • My FIL, Tom, is in the hospital with some complications from his meds.  Since he was diagnosed with Wegener's over 5 years ago, it's never a good thing when he gets sick so we're all thinking of him and hope they can figure out what's causing him so much pain.  Here's hoping for a fast recovery for him and a short hospital stay.  Not sure if we'll take the kids to see him or not - it's been a week since he's seen them and I know they really miss him!  At the very least we'll need to make him some get well soon drawings!

  • Had a funny incident on Thursday evening where I ended up with a nice goose egg square in the middle of my forehead, although at the time it was not funny.  It was just before bath time and the kids were running a muck as they usually do in that time between dinner and bed.  Jason was working on putting down some of the molding around the edges of the Pergo and I was picking up.  Caroline had just come down in some kind of dance get up and was messing with the lights.  I wasn't really paying attention and apparently Jason told her to stop.  But she continued as she wanted to put on a show and only wanted the spotlights in the family room on.  I walked into the fairly dark kitchen, spotted something on the floor and bent down to pick it up.  Boom.  Because it was dark, I didn't notice the chair was pulled out and I bent down and hit my head square on the back of the chair.  Grrr.  I got an ice pack on it in seconds thinking I'd look like a battered woman the next day at work and just stood there trying to breathe through the pain.  Of course the kids are continuing to run around like crazy people and then Jason got angry that Caroline had turned off lights despite his instructions not to.  (She lost a few points for it!)  Needless to say, I stood there getting my senses about you as you have to after a head bonk and then we got the kids up to baths.  Never a dull moment.....

  • Also on Thursday, we got hit with a fast moving rainstorm that blew the front door open (it wasn't shut all the way and the screen was all the way open on the storm door).  We also had several windows open which rapidly soaked the windowsill, carpets, and foyer.  It kind of freaked the kids out but we mopped up and moved on.....

  • Caroline's first field study trip of the year (yep, don't you dare call it a field trip) will be in early October to the National Aquarium.  YAY!  They're only allowed 2 parent chaperones per class so I got mine and Caroline's money in the very next day.  This is one good thing about Caroline's school having a somewhat disinterested group of parents - there is no competition for field trips and helping in the classroom.  When I picked Caroline up from school that next day, Ms. B, told me she had been hoping I was going to be able to go.  YAY!  

  • Speaking of Caroline, Ms. B, says that Caroline is one of the best readers in the class and will be moved into a more accelerated group for reading and such in the weeks to come.  This is the first year her school has had mixed first grade classes as opposed to having a "low, average, and high" performing class.  So they are finishing up assessing everyone to group them.  Caroline recently complained about being bored with all the review they were doing and Ms. B said they truly weren't doing review but it might feel that way to Caroline but she assured me she will be challenged in no time.  Thankfully Caroline seems to be doing her homework really well so far (without the issues she had sometimes last year) and has been tackling the 100 book challenge well too.  I'm so proud of her reading - clearly something she loves.  Something she loves so much that I have to demand she stop doing and GO TO SLEEP!  

  • Bryce's croup incident on Sunday night was the beginning of the first family cold of the season.  Piper and Caroline rapidly followed with symptoms although no one else had that weird croupy cough.  I kind of have it too but again, I'll be singing the praises of my 2000 IU of Vitamin D I take daily.  I haven't felt great but I also haven't come down with the snotty nose and cough that the kids have.  I've just had the irritated throat, slight body aches, and fatigue.  I'll take that any day over a stuffy/drippy nose.  I've managed to exercise every day in spite of it so clearly, not too bad.  Nothing a little ibuprofen didn't help!  We're all on the mend and once again Jason has avoided it.  We do equal parenting around these parts but I think I'm the one that ends up wiping snotty noses the most and hence the germ invasion.  

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