Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh my goodness, the rain.  The remnants of Tropical Storm/Depression Nicole are hitting us VERY hard.  The rain measurement in our local area at around 10am this morning was just over 5 inches- the city hadn't gotten 2 inches yet and it's continued to POUR POUR POUR.  In fact, Caroline's school dismissed 2 hours early with fears of flooding.

This morning at 7:30, Bryce and I had our own excitement.  There was a 5 inch deep river to get into preschool.  Never have I been so glad to be wearing my Crocs.  I can't imagine spending the day in nasty, wet shoes.  Bryce was wearing sandals so I was thankful for that as well.  In just a 20 foot walk to the door, we both got soaked.  Thankfully, I had a long ride to work to dry off.  Strangely enough, the beltway was fine, it was getting onto the beltway that was the problem.  And since I've been at work, I've been reading reports of high water on parts of the beltway that I'll have to navigate to get home.  Jason leaves work first so I'll be waiting for his report on which route I should take.

I'm thankful that the kids are now home safely and for my MIL who did the pickup.  I only hope they'll be able to get home later as 2 major routes to their house are currently closed in parts.  My mom and dad are on my mind too.  My dad is returning from a work trip to the Eastern Shore and my mom is working downtown.  2 major routes for my mom out of the city are partially closed too not to mention a major intersection to get to their neighborhood is flooded along with the road to enter their development.  Craziness!!!  I know none of this happened during Hurricane Isabel 7 years ago!

I love living near the water and in the area we live in but during high rain periods it is a bit precarious.  Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely which I'm grateful for as well since it's field trip day with Caroline's class!

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Unknown said...

Please tell me that the field trip is not to a pumpkin patch!?