Monday, September 13, 2010

Sister Clothes Sharing

Caroline wears a 5/6 (depending on how it's cut) and Piper is between a 2T and 3T.  Clearly, when you have one of their items of clothing, it's generally pretty easy to tell who it belongs to based on size.  Or most times it is.  But when you're putting their laundry away (like my MIL so sweetly does), it's easy to get thing mixed up.  We've found Caroline's leggings in Piper's drawers several times and a few of Piper's items in Caroline's drawers.  But prior to this, that was where it ended.

But, on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Caroline took it to a new level.  We went up to Jason's aunt's for swimming and I remember noticing as Caroline was prancing around the pool pre-swimming that her shorts looked a little tight.  I also noticed that they were longer than most of her other shorts and randomly thought that the Bermuda length looked nice on her long legs!  But that was all I thought about it.

Then this weekend we were up at my MIL's and Sandy made a comment about finding a pair of Piper's denim capris in Caroline's drawer.  As soon as she said it, it clicked!  Caroline had been wearing Piper's capris that day as shorts!!  (That tells you how slim Caroline is that she can fit into a 2T waist!!)  I asked Caroline about it and we started laughing because she said, "Yeah, they WERE really tight!"  I'm still not quite sure why she even continued to put them on and wear them, but I guess she liked the way they looked.  At least now she'll be more aware of that possibility and not squeeze into them too much.  Although I hope it's not a sign of things to come that she likes her jeans tight.  I'm hoping this current skinny jean craze is going to go out of style by the time she's a teenager.  We really need that 90's grunge look to come back in about 7 years so that Caroline will want to wear baggy clothing.

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