Friday, September 24, 2010


My father in law was released from the hospital yesterday!  Whew!  His head pain hasn't completely been resolved yet, but he's on meds that actually work.  They did a lot of tests and while they weren't able to decisively say what caused it, they know what definitely did NOT cause it (aneurysm, stroke, infections, etc).  So hopefully, his head pain will continue to lessen and he can get his strength back.  I expected that he would have finally had a good night's sleep at home last night but that wasn't the case.  My MIL said that because they had been having a hard time finding a pharmacy that actually carried the channel blockers, they didn't have another dose for him and the pain started to return (but not at the level it had been).  Plus, with being in a hospital bed for nearly a week, it really did a number on his legs and back and he needed to be sitting up in a chair as opposed to laying in bed.  My MIL was able to secure a few days more of his meds this morning and will get a full amount tomorrow.  In the meantime, she took Piper up to see him and it was the cutest thing when she told her who she was going to see.  Piper lit up like a Christmas tree and starting yelling, hopping, and dancing around.  She wanted to go that very second.  Clearly, she has missed her Big Dad!!  (It had almost been 2 weeks!)  I hope she was able to bring him a few smiles today and that he'll be able to rest a lot in the days to come.  I'm grateful that his pain is subsiding and that he's home as I know how stressful this has been on my MIL and her 3 kids the past week.

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Heather said...

Wonderful news! Is it a migraine???