Monday, September 13, 2010

Recent Flicks

I've actually seen a handful of movies lately - wanted to pass along my thoughts:

(500) Days of Summer This just happened to be on one night and we watched it. (It was in our Netflix queue, but a few movies down.)  I thought it was great.  Music was great and I loved the way it was paced and I just adored the character of Tom.  The character of Summer made me a little crazy, but I think she's supposed to (Does Zooey Deschanel ever play any non-quirky characters?).  I loved how important the color is throughout the film and I just loved how poignant it all was.  Not earth shattering, but also not the same old, same old.   Had to go and download The Pixie's Here Comes Your Man after hearing it featured in the film - I hadn't heard that song in ages.  (I still miss WHFS!) 

Time Traveler's Wife - Just watched this on Saturday night after Jason fell asleep on HBO OnDemand.  I loved it.  Maybe because I'm always fascinated with the notion of time travel and all the possibilities it opens up, or maybe I just liked the story.  It's definitely a tear jerker in parts, but I still liked it.  I thought Rachel McAdams was great in the part and liked Eric Bana as the main character as well.  This is one that I'd probably watch any time it was on if I was laying on the couch flipping channels.  (Does that ever happen??) It's one that, likely because of the time travel, I'm still thinking about a few days after watching it.  How many movies can you say that about?

Hot Tub Time Machine - Don't laugh, this was a lot of fun!  I'd wanted to see it since it came out in theaters but was glad I didn't spend that kind of money, but it was still good.  I love that guy, Craig Robinsion (Darryl from Office Space) and of course, Jon Cusack!  But mostly, I just liked the good old 80's references.  Must mean I'm getting old to enjoy seeing movies set in the 80's so much.  It was light and funny which is what you need sometimes in a movie.  Jason keeps saying the catch phrase from it now, "It must be like some kind of hot tub time machine."

Sherlock Holmes - Got this from Netflix but Jason fell asleep part way in.   I thought it was a lot of fun and would definitely see the sequel.  Robert Downey Jr. is always great and I liked Jude Law as Watson.  I didn't realize until we got it that Guy Richie had directed it, which usually doesn't bode well since he makes weird movies, but this one had enough of his style without all the weirdness.  It was definitely a new take on Sherlock, but one that made it a lot of fun and far from boring.  Rachel McAdams is in this too - I'm starting to really like her!  (The Family Stone is one of my favorites!).  I like time period pieces too and this one is full on industrial revolution England, which adds a lot of interesting noise and scenery to the film.


Katie said...

You liked TTW??
I didn't like that one very much.
I guess b/c I read the book first.
That and I didn't think they aged Eric Bana enough to tell the difference btw the old him and the young him. I love Rachel McAdams though. She's one of my fav actresses. Will have to check out sherlock holmes.

Thanks for the movie tips though. I've secretly wanted to watch hot tub time machine.

We just saw the Good Shepard and When in Rome. When in Rome was awful. I couldn't even watch the entire movie. Good Shepard was pretty good, but one you have to think about & pay attention to.

Erika said...

I thought the same thing about Eric Bana's character but I also wasn't sure how you make a guy look that different from 25 to 45 either that's not subtle. That was confusing. I haven't read the book so that could definitely change things. I really do love time travel - in hot tubs too. ha ha ha!

Lauren said...

Greg and I actually bought Hot Tub Time Machine. I think it was on sale for $10, and we don't have a Netflix account (which we need now that we got a fancy new Blu-Ray player!) so we figured, what the heck. I was thinking that it would be a good one to own (like The Hangover) to throw on anytime for a laugh. It was silly, but great! I loved the 80s references too.
I loved 500 Days of Summer (another one I bought!)
I haven't seen the other two, but am dying to.
I have to disagree about The Family Stone though. I do love Rachel McA, but I was just SO uncomfortable watching that movie because of SJP. They were so mean to her, and then the twist with Diane Keaton... I don't know. It just made me feel... weird.

I haven't gotten to see many movies lately. Did you see Alice in Wonderland? I highly recommend that one!

Erika said...

@Lauren - yeah, I know a lot of people don't like Family Stone. I hated SJP's character in the film so I guess I kind of liked that they jumped all over her. I think what strikes a chord with me is the solidarity in the family through the years. I love the chaos and the commotion of a family and it's how I hope how I'll be with my kids one day. I love that no matter what happens they stick together and love each other when all is said and done. And when SJP's character gives them all the photo gifts, you see a change in them all. Plus, it's a Christmas movie and I can't get enough of those.