Friday, September 24, 2010

More Thankful Piper

We continue our attitude of gratitude at dinner and we've had to make Bryce dig a little deeper each evening as he's prone to just say, "I'm thankful for this dinner."  (Not that I don't think that's a good thing, but it's becoming a knee jerk response.)  The funny thing about Bryce is consistently he says, "I am thank you for...."  No matter how many times we tell him the word is thankful, he says thank you.  It's kind of cute, maybe I'll let it continue.

But then there's Piper.  She clearly "gets" what's going on because as soon as I ask the question at dinner, she starts getting excited and preparing herself for the answer.  Bryce generally goes first because he can't wait and then Piper will chime in and this is how it's been going:

Piper, what are you thankful for?

She gets this look on her face where she shifts her eyes up and to the side and she says, "Um, um, um, um..."

It's like she's trying to draw out the suspense even though she knows what she's going to say.

She continues to look around and say "um" and then all of a sudden she scrunches her shoulders up, leans to the right, gets a huge smile on her face and announces, "DADA!" 

Of course, after about 5 nights in a row of this, I want her to consider something else.  So last night she announced she was thankful for Pop Pop. 

The first night she decided on being thankful for Jason, he happened to have sat next to her, which was a big treat for her and I think that might have started the trend, especially with leaning to the right where he was sitting that evening.  Not that I don't want her to be thankful for Jason, I just want to encourage them to think about other things they are grateful for which hopefully, the things Jason and I come up with are teaching them to do.

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