Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Future Engineer

I keep forgetting to tell this story about Bryce and I certainly do not want to forget it. 

Last Sunday when we were up at Jason's aunt and uncle's house, before any of the other family members arrived, Jason and I were chatting with his Aunt Sharon in the kitchen while the kids ran around the deck and in/out of the gazebo.  Jason's Uncle John was next to the gazebo at the grill finishing up lunch.  All of a sudden as he's standing there, Bryce walks up behind him and says,

"So, what do you do for work?"

John was taken off guard a bit because really, how many 5 year olds do you know that engage in small talk like that?  John smiled and said,

"I'm an engineer," expecting that would be all Bryce needed to know.

"Oh, well what kind of engineer are you?  My Pop Pop is an electric engineer." 

Again, John amazed that Bryce had any clue about that stuff and was amused by his interest.

"Well, I'm a mechanical engineer," again, expecting that would be enough.

"Well, what does a mechanical engineer do?"

"We do mechanical things."  And John said when he said that the look on Bryce's face was priceless as if he was saying "That's a really lame answer, you can come up with better."

John told me this story later that afternoon and was just so impressed with Bryce's conversational skills and his genuine interest and knowledge about engineering.  I also noticed that day how well mannered he was while talking to Jason's aunt as well - something that always makes a mother proud.  Bryce has always been my talker, but I love hearing how well he converses with people, especially people he doesn't know that well.  And of course with any conversation with Bryce, you add in how cute his facial expressions are when he's talking and you've got yourself an adorable moment.

Of course, I had to relay the story right away to my dad who I know would be happy to hear that Bryce knows what he does for a living.  Later on that evening, Jason blew Bryce's mind again telling him that he's an engineer too - a software engineer.  Bryce had no idea all that engineering was going and he was very interested to find out how many engineers are in our family (my uncle and grandfather included).  Makes me wonder if he's got a career path in his future in engineering as I can already tell he's got an interest in math.

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