Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flora's Visit Photos

Well, I never got back to updating that post with photos of my little cousin's visit, so I just thought I'd start a new entry for the photos:

My grandmother loves babies!
This is all Piper wanted to do.

Piper's favorite part of the day

Caroline's turn
Flora was done with being held by the time Bryce held her.
This photo is really interesting to me and I will have to go to my mom's house and look for the evidence. When I was about Piper's age or a little older, there is a photo of me holding my new baby cousin and I was clearly a little anxious about it because, just like Piper is doing here, I kept scratching my temple.  My mom said I did it all the time when I was flustered and Piper does it too.  It was the cutest thing that as Flora wiggled or fussed, Piper got this look on her face like "oh no, what do I do?" and would scratch her temple.  It's really uncanny the resemblance to me as a kid although she's certainly more rambunctious than I was.

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Bertie said...

That does remind me of you in this pic when you were holding Monica 31 years ago!