Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School - Bryce

Bryce's first day of his new Pre-K was yesterday and he did great!  I still wish he was going to the pre-k at Caroline's elementary school but I realize that was a hoop dream.  He is going to a daycare center that's not too far from our house that runs a pre-k program for kids his age.  Basically, he leaves right after lunch/before nap time so he's only going a half day and gets to spend the rest of the day with his grandparents, which is really nice!

I was pretty nervous for him considering it's a completely new center from what he was used to the past 2 years and I still have sad memories of his first few days at Cheery Day in 2008.  (When we suddenly lost our daycare provider and we had to put him into the center that Caroline had just started at a few weeks prior.  He had a very rough couple of days to start and I'm still a little scarred from it.)  But his drop off on his first day went well - his teacher showed us where to put his lunch, where his cubbie was, and his hook.  I took him into the room where all the kids congregate/play before learning time begins later and I could tell he was taking it all in as he held my hand the whole time.  I gave him a big hug and he gave me a huge kiss and I told him to go ahead and play.  I told him good bye and he went right over to a little girl and said hello. I took that moment to go ahead and leave, especially as I could feel some tears coming.  Once I was back in the car, I was okay and when I got to work I phoned my MIL to tell her it went well and to have Bryce call me as soon as he got home.  I watched the clock all morning.  And finally just before 1pm, my phone rang and there was a happy Bryce.  He had a good day and told me a few funny things other kids did.  He wasn't the least bit worried about going back again today and I was thrilled to get his daily report from his teacher this morning telling me all that he'd done yesterday and about his good behavior.  I was further relieved to see that he didn't hesitate in the least to join the kids again, which is always a good sign since sometimes the second day can be harder than the first since you know what to expect.

Now the hard part is getting each child to quiet down so the other kid can tell us about their day at school over dinner.  Last night we let Bryce go first since Caroline had been telling us all about her days last week.  When it got to Caroline's turn, Bryce would NOT keep quiet and when we finally got him to hush, Piper started.  Caroline ended up getting fed up with being interrupted and retreated to her room after she cleared her place.   Jason and I had to take an individual moment with her later on to get the run down on her day - which was another good one.  First grade suits her well!

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