Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Weekend

We spent a majority of this past weekend at my mom and dad's house because my aunt, my cousin, and her new baby were visiting us from Kentucky/Ohio.  My cousin, Adriane, is only 5 months younger than me and someone that I consider to have "grown up with" even though we only saw each other every other month or so as kids and less so when her family moved west in the early 90's.  But we reunited in grad school when we both overlapped a year and finally had our childhood wish of going to school together, although in different graduate programs.  She was one of my bridesmaids and so when she and her husband married 2 years ago and we ventured out to Ohio to attend the event.  Her daughter, Flora, was born this past April and this was my first chance to see her! I had been telling the kids about their visit this week and Piper was particularly interested.  Piper LOVES babies and all day Saturday kept talking about "Lala." 

So we were at my mom's on Friday evening to swim and then went over again on Saturday expecting them to arrive by the late afternoon.  (The kids had their last swim officially that afternoon!)  But unfortunately, there were mechanical issues on their plane and they couldn't get out of Dayton until the evening flight having them arrive at my mom's house around 8pm.  They called as they left BWI and my kids were on HIGH ALERT!  As soon as they pulled up, Piper was on springs and couldn't stop jumping and yelling about the baby being here.  And then it started, all Piper wanted to do was look at Flora and touch Flora and kiss her.  I didn't let her hold her that evening because Flora was a little tired from all the traveling and it wasn't necessary since we'd see her the next day. 

Sunday morning came and we dropped the kids off at my mom's so we could get groceries in peace and then we returned to spend the day with my grandmother who came down along with my sister, her dog Lola, my brother and sister in law.  It was a big family day!  And finally, Piper (and Caroline and Bryce) got to hold Flora.

[insert photos here later]

It was the cutest thing!  Piper clearly would like a baby brother or sister, but that's clearly not happening, so I'm glad to have some baby friends in our lives to indulge her.  Piper was so gentle with her and clearly got a little worried when Flora would fuss while she was holding her. Flora is a really good natured little girl who spits up as much as Bryce did as a baby!  (I certainly don't miss that!)  Although with parents like Drew and Adriane, I can't imagine her being any other way other than sweet!

Then on Monday, I had already taken the day off so after getting the big kids off to school, I took Piper over to my mom's to spend the morning just chatting with my mom, aunt, and cousin.  Flora was on a bit of a sleep bender so Piper had to entertain herself but later in the afternoon we reunited at my house where the kids showed her how they played Wii and did some dancing.  Flora was clearly interested in all their antics and I spared some of my trusty burp cloths that I had accumulated to help Adriane keep up with the spit up.  I don't mind giving up my baby stuff as much when it's to a known (cute) baby!

I know it was helpful to Adriane as well since they flew here that she didn't have to bring her stroller, pack n play, boppy, or bouncy chair either since we had them already here.  I know I would have appreciated that when I visited people with new babies too!  I guess that's a downside to having kids first, no one else has the gear!

One other thing to note is that I realized that Piper is now 2 years, 2 months old which means this is the longest amount of time I've ever gone without being pregnant (prior to Caroline) as it was when Bryce was the age Piper is now that I got pregnant with her.  And what's nice is that while I love seeing and holding new little babies, I know without a doubt that I don't want another.  Doing the newborn thing 3 times was the perfect amount for me although I do still get a little sad getting rid of baby stuff but I think that has more to do with being sad about my kids growing up than it does about wanting another baby.

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