Friday, September 17, 2010

Does she hate her name?

Piper's speech therapy continues to go well.  She had another appointment this morning and we're continuing to see progress.  This week we were working on some action words and the word "mine."  She's also started saying "no no" this week (along with a very stern finger wagging to go along with it).  And of course, we continue to work on "Piper."  She won't say it.  Nope.  No way.  She won't even say the two syllables separately.  (We have little papers on 2 bathroom mirrors and by her changing table to encourage her to say "pie" and "purr.")  She's not budging.  Sometimes she'll tell you her name is baby.  Other times, "me" but mostly, nothing.  Grrr.  Does she hate her name or just not want to say it? 

I remember it took a while to get Caroline and Bryce to say their own names though - their names were far from their first few words.  Maybe it's a psychology thing that they won't say their name.  Someone suggested that we name one of Piper's dolls "Piper" and maybe that would bring her around. 

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Katie said...

What about Pippy? Didn't you guys nickname her that? Pippa? I thought that was so cute if you did. Does she like any nicknames?