Monday, September 06, 2010

Diving Devils

On Sunday, we headed up to Jason's Aunt Sharon's house in Cecil County to spend the day with Jason's extended family. His aunt has an awesome pool and the kids were excited for more swimming. I was a little wary given that the temp was in the low 70's and how much fun is swimming when it's cold? But since the last time we had visited, Jay's aunt and uncle had done a LOT to their backyard oasis. Aside from adding an awesome screened in gazebo, they had also put solar panels on the roof of their house where the pool water is pumped through so it's heated. The water was over 80 degrees and felt great!! We held the kids off from swimming until everyone had gotten there and we could eat. They had a blast running all around the backyard and in/out of the 2 doors of the gazebo. But finally, swim time was upon us and the diving board beckoned. Caroline had gone off the board a few years ago so I knew it was a given that my little mermaid would be going off and I had a feeling Bryce would do it too knowing how much his swimming has progressed this summer. And then, well, Piper, I knew if her siblings did it, we were in for a show! We were not disappointed.

Caroline was first one off - she spent the better part of the afternoon perfecting her cannonballs and trying to dive:
Bryce was next up and swam to the ladder super fast.  Everyone (except me) was surprised at how well he did.  He'd tell us to watch and that he was going to do a new jump, but every single one ended up with his calves tucked under him - so cute!
And last but certainly not least, Miss Piper.  That little girl didn't even hesitate.  We asked her if she wanted to go off the board and she took off for it.  She walked to the end, waited for someone to be nearby, and jumped!  The first time she did it, she jumped to my SIL, Kelly (so I could take the first photo) and Kelly was caught a little off guard by how deep she went under the water and kind of went after her to bring her to the surface.  But I assured her that Piper always seems to surface (she's holding her breath and kicks like crazy) so just to give her a second.  After that I took over and was sure not to be too close to the board so Piper wouldn't jump on me and then I would just help her get her first breath and then push her to the ladder.  I'm still amazed how far she can swim and hold her breath.

We had a great day and the kids were in terrific moods and on their best behavior.  Jason's aunt couldn't get over how well all 3 of the kids swim without any official lessons but I guess when both your parents are retired lifeguards, it's in your blood.  I really need to make sure I have my own video of Piper swimming.  I just realized I don't have one.  My mom is keeping her pool open a few more weeks and I need to make sure I capture it since next summer, Piper will be older and while I'll still be proud, a swimming 3 year old isn't as amazing as a swimming 2 year old.  I don't even want to think about how much she will have changed by then!


Heather said...

WOW! That is impressive! She'll want to drive when Caroline gets her license...and date earlier out!! Ha!

ICF said...

PS - I did manage to catch her a few more times before you relieved me. She had to of dived at least a dozen times!!!
Little fishy :)

Viv said...

Amazing kids you have E! :) You should hit the pool tonight!

Erika said...

Sorry, Kel! I didn't mean to imply you only did it once. You did a great job with her. When Piper "swam" in the splash pool the day my sister watched them, Chrissa wasn't ready for how much she goes under and kind of fished her out thinking she was under too long. I think it's normal to want to fish a 2 year old out!!!