Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Jillian Michaels,

I am sorry I didn't get up and do one of your workouts Tuesday morning.  At the time, I was just being lazy but in retrospect but I think I made up for it.  See what you think?

Left the house by 8:15 to take Bryce and Caroline to school.  I had to carry Piper all around Caroline's school because she didn't want to walk.  That's 28lbs of a silly little girl!  We ended up running home after that because none of the stores I wanted to go to were open yet.  I got home, threw something together in the crockpot because I knew we'd need a fairly fast dinner later.  Then, Piper and I headed back out at 9:30 so I could pick something up at the doctor, and then head to Toys R Us and Costco.

(Why Toys R Us? Well, I decided to start a little Christmas shopping. Yep, I can't believe it either.  They had Calico Critters on sale - buy 2 get 1 free and when you're buying for all 3, that can save you a lot of money!  I have been wanting to buy them since I saw they had re-released them (previously known as Sylvanian Families) and the kids love playing with what my mom has left at her house from when I was a kid.  I got Caroline a cat family (shocker), Bryce a dog family, and Piper an elephant family - and the matching sets of twins to go with them.  Saved $28 thanks to the sale!  I think this may be one of the last shopping trips I can take Piper on where she won't remember what I got.)

As everyone knows, a trip to Costco is a fairly good workout; what with picking up large items (in the cart, out of the cart onto the register, back in the cart, out of the cart into the car) and also carting along the 28lb crazy kid.  I was sweating when we got home at 11:15.

Of course my workout was extended as I brought everything back in the house along with a little girl who is using her new word "ME!" quite frequently these days to signal that she wants to do it by herself.  Did we create a monster?  Threw lunch together for Piper and munched on celery and hummus while I put away all the food stuffs from Coscto.  By then it was 12:30 and time to get Bryce.  So heaved the 28lb girl back into the car and headed down the the Learning Center to pick up Bryce.  Of course, this meant taking the 28lb turkey in with me and then back out to the car again.

Got back home and managed to keep Piper awake in the car through loud music and pulling on her leg (if you let her fall asleep for 5 seconds in the car, she will not nap!)  Piper was out for the count in her crib by 1pm and then I helped Bryce with his homework and then played superheros with him.  By about 2:30, Bryce and I decided that it would be a beautiful day to walk to pick up Caroline from school so we got Piper up and all suited up for the walk.  It's a .8 mile distance to Caroline's school so Bryce and Piper rode in the wagon.  So that's about 58 lbs of kid, not counting the wagon, that I pulled 1.6 miles.  I'm guessing that's a decent amount of exercise in and of itself, right?

Got home by 3:45 and got Caroline doing her homework while mediating fights between Bryce and Piper.  By the time all was said and done with homework and reading, it was time to make an early dinner.  Got the broccoli chopped, sweet potato fries in the oven, and the chicken BBQ was already finishing up in the crock.

Jason stopped at the hospital to see his dad so he was home a little later than usual and then we all 5 sat down to dinner a little after five.  We gobbled up our dinner and then by 5:35, Bryce, Caroline and I were back out the door for haircuts.  Thankfully that didn't take too long because we were only a few minutes late to the PTA Bingo night at Caroline's school.  The kids had a great time and were thrilled we won 3 times - enough for 3 little stuffed animal prizes. (I love that Caroline always thinks of Piper when she's not around!)   Everything wrapped up by 8pm, we got home, got the kids in bed, and I went down to make lunches before crashing on the couch.

So you see Jillian, I didn't do much sitting at all so I think that excused me yesterday from missing one of your workouts.  Plus, I got back on the horse again this morning so that makes it all better, right?



Heather said...

I am exhausted just reading that. Phew!

Katie said...

Jillian wouldn't buy it-- she doesn't have kids!!!
I'll vouch for you though. ;-) It really IS a workout!!!