Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daddy's Turn

Jason left work a little early yesterday so his mom could take his dad to the doctor's which means that he was in charge of picking Caroline up from school.  Not a big deal as he's done this before but this time he had Bryce and Piper in tow AND he had to pick up the pizza fundraiser order.  Jason said things went fine with pickup and then he and the 3 kids made their way to the cafeteria to get the order.  Not a huge order -3 pizza kits and 2 other miscellaneous kits - but when you put them all together, it's in a decent sized cardboard box.  One that if I had been carrying it, I most definitely would have had to have used 2 hands to carry. 

They finally found Caroline's order and upon giving it to her, they handed Caroline her selling reward (really, it should be MY reward as I'm the one who did it all!) which was this weird, rubbery, crazy faced, light up ball.  Well, that clearly did not go over well with Piper because as soon as she saw it she started saying "MINE!" and crying when she realized she wasn't getting one too.  Jason said that she was in full 2 year tantrum mode and would not walk along with them as they left.  Of course, everyone was looking as they exited and when she wouldn't come along, Jason picked her up.  So at this point, he's got a screaming 2 year old in one arm, the big pizza box balanced in the other, and 2 other kids in tow.  Jason said that he could barely see where he was going because of how he had to carry the box and as they got outside (car was parked at the other end of the building, of course), Caroline and Bryce were running a muck underfoot.  I guess it was a bit precarious but they made it home.  Apparently Piper yelled "mine" the entire way home too but by the time I got home, she was completely over it.

It just made me laugh to know he was in a type of situation I find myself in frequently - trying to manage all 3 kids in a hectic situation while also doing something else.  He handled it pretty well it seems, but it just gave me a giggle to imagine what it looked like from the sidelines.  I know he was glad that the pizza order wasn't much bigger or we really would have had a problem!

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