Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chef Caroline

That's my new name for Caroline - The Chef.  Not because she's in the kitchen cooking, oh no.  She's busy cooking up schemes, big ideas, and all kinds of imaginative play scenarios to rope her brother and sister into a frenzy.  Tonight, she had the bright idea after their baths to stay in their hoodie towels and pretend.  They ran around like crazy people and it was so funny to see Bryce and Piper get totally into her game.  She does this all the time and often the ideas are half baked but they don't care, if Caroline came up with it, it's a GREAT idea!  Piper has the most gusto most times as she never wants to be left out of anything that her big sister and brother are doing.

It reminded me of!  As a kid, that was my role - the leader.  I came up with more cockamamie ideas for things to do than you can shake a stick at and until my siblings got older, for the most part they played along.  Often they'd be more spirited about it than I was, just like Bryce and Piper now.  It's amazing to see the dynamics of the oldest sibling versus the younger set.  To them, she is brilliant and comes up with the best ideas - I often wonder if my siblings thought the same of me.

Often, Jason and I will sit and watch their antics and think "that doesn't look fun at all."  But clearly, Caroline has tapped into what 5 and 2 year olds like because she's able to capture their attention more often than not.  And most times though, it ends up involving quite a mess.  A mess that NO sibling wants to clean up when all is said and done.  I remember dreading clean up as a kid too.  I wish she could get as enthusiastic about clean up as she does about set up - now that's a game I'd like to see Bryce and Piper play along with!

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