Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Check Your License

On Saturday when looking at my license, I noticed that it expires in December.  Upon saying that Jason remembered that we are on the same 5 year schedule and pulled his out.  Expired in April!  He'd been driving on an expired license for almost 5 months!  We were in the car, so he finished his drive up to his mom's and then I drove home.  He didn't drive on Sunday either, but did drive himself to work and then to the MVA later that afternoon.  I kept joking with him all weekend that he was an outlaw or that he'd renew it and then get arrested when he walked out to his car because clearly he drove on an expired license!

Of course the MVA was a zoo on a Monday afternoon and he waited in line for almost an hour.  He was kind of expecting that the person who helped him would say something about the license being expired but she didn't.  (As long as it hasn't been expired more than a year, you don't have to do anything additionally to get a new one.)  So he brought up the fact that he'd never gotten any kind of notification in the mail about it needing to be renewed.  She laughed and said, "Yeah, sometimes they send them, sometimes they don't."

Seriously????  How can they NOT send something?  It's your driver's license and once you're over the age of getting carded very often, how often do you really look at it?  Plus, with a 5 year window, that's a long time to forget when you actually got it (as opposed to something you have to do annually).  So you can bet I'll be going ahead and getting mine renewed as soon as my 60 day window opens in October.  It would be nice if you could sign up for e-alerts, wouldn't it?  (My brother had something similar happen with his car registration this year.) 

I guess the MVA continues to live up to its lackluster reputation.  So here's your PSA from me today, check your license for its expiration date and your car's registration (that's a bi-annual process).  You're welcome.


Viv said...

Same issue with emissions testing - sometimes they send the notice sometimes not. So check your paperwork or else you have to pay late fees.

Katie said...

Thanks E! Just checked mine and I'm good. I do remember renewing mine recently...meaning since we had kids and I think I remember doing it by mail? I still have the same photo from 10 years ago, but the info is updated. I do have to update my address though, but I may wait until I need the renewal. Don't want to deal with the MVA more than I have to. Ugh.