Friday, September 03, 2010


I keep forgetting to post this, it makes me smile every time I think about it:

As we were getting ready to come home from the beach, my parents were asking the kids if they were ready to come home and if they missed anything at home. That got them started and Caroline started asking Piper if she missed anything. I think Caroline suggested to Piper that maybe she missed her Lamb Pillow Pet that she calls "Bah" and Piper started saying "Bah!" "Bah!" But then the silly brother and sister started saying that Piper wasn't saying she missed Bah but that she missed Bob, our next door neighbor. Every time she said "Bah" they'd giggle and say, "Piper misses Bob!" And pretty soon, sure enough, Piper started saying "Bob" as opposed to "Bah."

And who is this Bob? Well, that's kind of what makes this story funny. Bob is our next door neighbor. An elderly gentleman that seems to be in a bit of a bad mood all the time. We like him mostly because he and his wife are super quiet (they almost never leave the house), they take very good care of the outside of their house. Granted it's not a nice family with kids, but a good trade off. Bob will come over and talk Jason's ear off every so often but for the most part he keeps to himself. He's clearly not the least bit interested in children as a few times he's been talking to Jason, Jason has been trying to manage the kids by himself and Bob hasn't noticed in the least that they are running a muck and that Jason needs to intervene.

So fast forward a few weeks from the beach and one evening we were out front with the kids and Mr. Bob walks out into his front yard. As usual, the older two say hello to him "Hi, Mr. Bob!" And that's all it took for Piper. "Bob! Bob! Bob! Hiiiiiii! Bob!!" She runs across the yard waving at him calling his name. And for the first time, I think I saw the guy really smile. I mean really, how can you resist an adorable 2 year old yelling your name and waving at you?

So Piper gets the award for getting Mr. Bob's attention and making him smile. What's funny too is that Piper doesn't have a lot of words yet so it's even funnier to me that one of the few she does say, Bob the grumpy neighbor next door, is one of them.

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