Monday, September 20, 2010

5 Years Ago Today....

 I started to blog!!!

Wow. I'm not sure that when I started blogging if I'd expected to have the longevity I have had.  I certainly didn't blog as frequently in the beginning as I do now.  Hard to believe 5 years ago, Caroline wasn't even 2 and Bryce was a newborn.  Goodness, time flies. 

And fitting that even though things have changed, what I said back in my first entry is still true today:

But even though my hands are full, my heart is full of love. And that is what matters.

I "blogged" not long after we were first married using something called Live Journal before the term "blogging" had even truly been coined but gave it up when I felt like I just didn't have much of substance to write about other than petty things at work and such.  It wasn't until I started reading Katie's blog about life with her first child that made me think it was something I wanted to get into again.  So happy 5th Anniversary my little (big?) blog!  (And thanks to Katie for giving me the impetus to begin writing about my family in the first place - I know I'm so appreciative to have documented so much of our lives as it's so easy to forget the little things that happen on a daily basis.)


Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog- I love to read it!! I should inspire me to post on my own more often... I just don't. :)
Thank you for continuing to share your stories with all of us!

Katie said...

That's awesome! I have to thank Periwinkle Jen for introducing me to blogging!