Monday, September 20, 2010

A 2 Year Old Knows

With all this talk about my FIL, Tom, being sick, the kids are clearly aware.  Piper, who calls Big Dad, "Dap Dap" has been asking where he is and when we've told her that he is sick she'll get this sad look on her face, point to her eye and say "Boo boo?"

The last time she saw her Big Dad she poked him in the eye by mistake (his eye was blood shot for a while!).  And later on they had an accidental head butt too.  He joked she was trying to hurt him!  (The neurologist assured everyone that there's no way that any of that caused the pain he's having!)  So every time now we talk about Big Dad being sick, she'll ask about the boo boo she caused.  At first I didn't think it was possible that she could truly understand but then I realized, just because she doesn't talk much doesn't mean she's not thinking about it.  So I asked her if she is worried that she made Big Dad sick and she nodded her head with a sad look on her face.

Of course this made me tear up and I hugged her and assured her the Big Dad's boo boo was in the back of his head and that the boo boo she gave him was all better.  We've gone through this a few times since and I hope that I've explained it to her enough so she doesn't think she hurt her beloved Big Dad.  Just a few minutes ago I heard Piper talking on her play telephone to "Dap Dap" and I heard her asking him about his boo boo.  She's obviously thinking about it a lot.  My little sweetheart!

Hopefully we'll get some answers soon as he had an MRI this afternoon to hopefully explain this horrible pain he's been enduring for well over a week.


Heather said...

oh, piper! so sweet. i hope he gets well soon!

Lauren said...

Aww! This brought a little tear to my eye- just reading about it! What a sweetie!