Saturday, August 07, 2010

Time Warp Trio

Caroline has a new obsession and it involves TV.  Time Warp Trio on Discovery Kids!  In fact, she's kind of addicted to the whole Discovery Kids line up it seems.  I'm pretty sure she senses that these shows are for kids her age (and a little older) as opposed to the shows on Disney or something similar.  Mostly, the shows are actually educational (Bindi the Jungle Girl, Mystery Hunters, etc) as they involve learning about history, geography, and nature but she's totally into them for other reasons.  She told me last night she was "in love" with one of the characters on Time Warp Trio - a cartoon character no less.

It started out innocently enough, the TV would get turned on around dinner time to entertain the kids while we tried to get dinner together without kids fighting or getting into things they shouldn't be doing.  Now it's to the point where she has the line up memorized and says she can't get through a day without seeing Fred on Time Warp Trio.  Oh the drama.

In fact, this is really the first time any of the kids have been truly into TV.  Normally it's just something we'll turn on for a bit in the morning while we all wake up and get breakfast.  Bryce and Piper are still not very interested in it and only watch it occasionally or if they really want to watch Olivia.  Caroline has always been the one of my  3 kids most interested in TV but we've never really had to limit it before.  In fact the "best" thing about it is that we now have another thing we can use as a threat for bad behavior - no TV!  It worked last night when she was in a post-swimming fit!  Instant calm.....

So the TV is off this morning with the hopes of it not being on the rest of the day.  I think she'll survive, do you?

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