Monday, August 30, 2010

Things That Are On My Mind

Busy Monday morning here in real life and in my brain.....

Here's a list in no particular order:
  • Caroline's first day of 1st grade - it was a good drop off and she didn't seem nervous in the least.  I loved how much lower stress it was this year than last.  I think the anxiety I'm having has more to do with getting over the summer inertia and back into school mode with homework and our schedule and such.   
  • Bryce starts his new Pre-K program next week - We found a nice daycare nearby that has a really great Pre-K program and he'll leave before naptime.  (Kid cannot nap or he will not sleep at night.)  He'll go 5 days a week - I'll drop him off on my way to work and one of his grandparents will pick him up by 12:45.  I'm not anxious about the place we're sending him, just the fact that it's a new setting for him with a new schedule.  I think I still have some leftover post-traumatic stress from when we had to start him at his old preschool unexpectedly 2 years ago at the age of 3 and what a hard time he had with that transition.  I think he'll do fine and the program they have is very structured - he'll even had "homework" 3 times a week.  When we took him for his first visit last week, he seemed very interested in everything, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works out!
  • Piper's continued speech therapy - She's seen the SLP 3 times and I'm still not completely sold on the process yet.  She'll have her 4th session on Friday and I'm supposed to meet with her service coordinator this week as well.  I can tell she's made some progress but the most frustrating part is how obstinate Piper is with not wanting to talk.  I guess I'm also not sure how quickly she should be progressing.  We try to do the activities with her and just really engage her on speaking but it's a lot of work especially when she's quite good at deflecting.  
  • A new job for me? Things at work are fine but I'm starting to look elsewhere for a new position since I'd like something that has more growth potential and the best time to look for a job is when you have one!  And then just last week, a job posting came open for a position that, in many ways, is my "dream job."  Well, maybe not a  true "dream" but a job that I would like to be in for a VERY long time.  One of those jobs that I am 100% qualified for and could potentially get into, grow, and really find my place in at a specific institution.  I do not aspire to the upper echelon of university administration (heck, I'd need my doctoral degree for that and that is soooooo not happening!) and way too many politics, but I do have the interest in becoming an integral part of the mid-level of university administration that deals heavily with students and in the administrative side of academia.  Of course my anxiety level has increased three fold since seeing these position announcements given all the unknowns that go along with it.  Being out of job search mode for the past 7 years is a little scary in and of itself but thankfully my resume was updated recently and it just needs to be fine tuned.  And then there's the awful task of writing a cover letter in which salary requirements are required - gulp.  Deep breaths.  One step at a time.  I need to stop putting the cart before the horse as I'm often apt to do and not worry about the possible commute, hours, etc.  But a planner like me has a very hard time doing that!
  •  Commitments and Appointments - And as usual for this time of year, my calendar is booked solid with checkups, appointments, errands, and just general stuff that need to get done.  It's no wonder my mind races when I lay down to go to sleep at night.  I'm afraid I'll forget something.  We've got a pretty packed social calendar the next month or so as well. 

So if you see me in person and I seem distracted or you don't hear from me for a while, just know I'm here and just trying to keep my head above water.  Work is pretty busy right now with classes having just begun and trying to get our enrollment numbers to where they should be in time for the USM census.

More on Bryce's birthday and photos from the first day of school (and Caroline's sock choice) later.....

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Katie said...

I want to know more about the job stuff. (And the kid stuff too, of course)
Maybe we can get a mom's night out sometime soon.