Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sibling Thankfulness

With my ILs on vacation this past week, we each took off a day, had my mom do Wednesdays, but still were left with Tuesday and with needing someone to watch the older kids while I took Piper for her hearing test on Friday.  Usually I don't even think about asking my siblings for work week help but then I remembered, duh, they're both teachers now and in the middle of their summer vacations!  So for that Friday morning, Uncle Kevin came to my house and hung out with Caroline and Bryce while I was out with Piper.  It only ended up being over an hour, but instead of leaving, Kevin joined us at my mom's for swimming the rest of the day.  And all I can say is what a nice day it was - the kids were thrilled to have him there and he played with them the entire time!  Not a single "I'm bored" was to be heard!  Uncle Kev is a great playmate.  What was especially nice is that because Aunt Kelly is in Scotland, the kids were able to focus their attention on just him whereas when it's Aunt Kelly and Uncle Kevin, the attention usually goes to Kelly (they adore her!).  Even Piper, who had previously been wary of Uncle Kevin, ran into his arms upon his arrival.  So while Kevin might have felt like he didn't help that much, he really, truly did.  Entertaining the kids is JUST as helpful as taking care of them in my absence.

Then yesterday, Aunt Chrissa, fresh back from a whirlwind trip to Spain and Morocco, spent the entire day with the kids.  The kids had a great time with her and I think she enjoyed getting to spend extended time with them in their "natural habitat."  They tended the veggie garden, replanted marigolds, made freezer jelly with grapes grown in her school's garden, and splashed in the kiddie pool.  Thankfully our water came back on early that morning so they were able to stay at the house.  After several days of swimming at my mom's and then visiting my grandmother the day before, I think they were ready for a quiet day at home.  Aunt Chrissa certainly fit the bill, plus she stayed for dinner which was so nice for me to catch up with her and hear more details about her trip.

So, Kevin and Chrissa, (I know you read from time to time), THANK YOU for your help!   Not only was it infinitely helpful to Jay and me, but it was a fun break from the routine for the kids.  It's nice seeing how much they love you too! (I hope Caroline, Bryce and Piper will help each other out when they grow up too!)

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