Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Shoes

I forgot to update about the whole Caroline shoe saga.  On that Friday night, I told Caroline that she was going with me to get shoes or she would be without her beloved Discovery Kids channel for several days (a week?).   That seemed to seal the deal and she reluctantly got ready after dinner and we met my mom at Kohl's at 7pm.  In the store she picked out a sporty pair of silvery Nike tennis shoes that were oh so Caroline.  She ran and jumped around in them and was very excited about her new kicks.  Then I started looking for an alternative shoe - something she might wear with a skirt or dress and I found these adorable brown slip ons that had a strap closer to the toe than a Mary Jane does - therefore making it a little more grown up looking.  They also have the tiniest of a "heel" to them (no more than a pair of Mary Janes sometimes do!) and as soon as Caroline saw them, she fell in LOVE.  To her they were grown up shoes and as soon as she put them on she instantly felt like she was older.  She couldn't get enough of looking at her feet!!  I told her right then and there that these shoes were NOT to be worn before school starts and that they were not to be worn outside to play at home. I'm fine if she wears them on the playground though, which was part of my goal in getting them - she won't wear her sandals (sporty open toed) to school because then you can't get on the playground equipment.  Maybe these little numbers will keep her from wearing beat up old tennis shoes with her pretty dresses. 

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Bracken said...

So glad the adventure worked out.